Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh June, Where did you go?

It's amazing, I caught 'The Teenager' on film(not exactly on film) but digital sounds ridiculous! He actually smiled too! There was the field trip to Howe Caverns (Brian went with Nikolas) There was field day... and more field day... What's with these big kids on these little hoppity hops?
The ever important crossing over to Weblos I! This is a big moment for Niko.
There was girls U-10 soccer.. and mixed U-8 soccer Sweat and more sweat. And of course more field days for Ariana. A trip to the state capital building and NY state museum. A chat session with Senator Farley, with some very interesting questions asked by 4Th graders! I loved it! They really challenged him!
And the celebratory birthday yell when on little girl opened her big "I am 10 now" gift! Lots of new scooter riding from one little girl that loved the gift from her Florida Grandma!
It's been a mammoth of a month.....
Comet has the right idea, don't you think so?