Monday, November 9, 2009

What I have been eating lately... and what's on the menu

Here's my first pasta sauce that I have made from fresh tomatoes and my first canning project. Yummy.. it didn't last long.
This is acorn squash with Jenny's apple (link to her site) pie filling. I just put a scoop in each half and baked it that way... Yummm!!! Thanks Jenny!
This is great spaghetti squash recipe. Not the one the I posted yesterday, this is a mexicana one, the salsa on top is pineapple, tomato, and avocado. The squash has black beans, onions, and corn.
One my menu this week:
Monday: black bean burgers, potatoes, and salad
Tuesday: Homemade chili (sorry no recipe I just throw it all together)
Friday: Left overs or something else creative I come up with, maybe breakfast for dinner
Saturday: Dinner with friends, it will be a surprise!
Wednesday and Thursday dinners are from a new(to me) website called Eat Better America, I have not tried either one yet. So far so good for a few others I have tried from there. I love to find new recipes, however I am really not good at following them exactly, unless I am baking. I love to just start cooking and see what happens, recipes are a guideline for me and I love to add my own touch to it. If I like the recipe I will put it in my binder and take note of what I did, liked etc.
Let me know if you try any of them or what you are eating these days!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Weekend!!!

The photos are all wonky tonight... but it was one of those weekends... here's the carved pumpkin. Loverly isn't it!?
And my wonderful and fun c25k group, plus a few new friends! What a great Halloween morning it was, despite the hills and the wind. I had a great time!
Nikolas digging the 'ick' out of the pumpkin, which we roasted the seeds later on he said they tasted like cardboard. Darn...
Ariana in her eagle costume. She loved it and was so proud of being 'patriotic'. It was lots of fun making her costume!
Brian and the two littles taking the seeds out of the pumpkin. I love the expression on Ariana's face, and Nikolas thinks this is too funny!
Captain "Nikolas" America... What a great time he had!
Ariana at the school parade. She loves it and we were fortunate enough that the rain held out at least for the school portion of the festivities!