Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So what's on my Agenda now?

It's been a long year, this 2010 and I am glad that it is over!! I can't say that 2011 has started off very exciting, but I wiped the slate clean and figure I am just starting over.
I always have goals so I don't really like to say I made resolutions, but I guess I did!
Here they are:

First I registered for The Warrior Dash, I have spent the last few years exercising, will little goals except to not gain any of the weight back that I had lost. Well I can't say that it was a very successful goal. So I decided that I need to TRAIN and not just exercise. So I have designed an exercise program for myself to increase cardiovascular endurance, upper body strength and increase my all around fitness level. More weight training, and added interval training with plyo thrown in. So far, I am enjoying it and shedding a few pounds to boot.

Next, I am learning to play ukulele. I am having fun with it. I have never played and instrument, so this year I want to get competent at it and just have a good time. I am going to start a 10 week course in February. Yeah!

Another goal I have is to knit myself a sweater. I have made a few baby sweaters and lots of cool stuff that doesn't need to necessarily 'fit' so this year I am going to knit myself a sweater. I believe it is going to be this one.   I am really looking forward to getting this started soon.

I continue my schooling, and I am making progress. Slow and steady for sure. I have 5 more classes left before I start writing my thesis! I am nervous and excited because I want to do it, but really NEED to get my topic situated so in all my reading and work, I can start to put together research materials. This may be the most grueling part of my year! It's hard to believe that I have made it as far as I have!

I am also working on some fitness certifications. This is going VERY  slow. As you can see, I keep very busy.   I am making progress and moving forward though. YEAH!

I continue to do volunteer work for the Navy and the school PTA. I enjoy it however it keeps me busy for sure! The family is good, the kids are always busy which means that Mom's taxi is always running out of gas! ( pun intended) I can't complain, I manage to make time for everything! I still cook and do crafty things when I can as well.

Sure hope that all of you are starting out this new year with some great, have you given up on new years resolutions already? I hope not, and if so just make some new ones and keep moving!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Exercise DVD Review!!

Another great DVD to add to your collection! Jillian brings it on with her usual vengeance. Jillian uses a series of good old fashioned exercises (burpees, squat thrusts, planks) to raise your heart rate along with strengthening your core, you also get down on the ground for some good old fashioned abdominal work as well. Don't expect to just do a crunch or two, Jillian gets your whole body involved! I have done level one 2 times now and definitely got some great calorie burn out of the 35 minutes!
I love this video for its pure exercise experience, it is not difficult to do the maneuvers, but don't get me wrong, most will be challenged by this workout! Jillian explains each exercise well and goes slow enough the first round that most anyone can understand how to do these moves. She has two gals with her, one doing a more modified move and one doing the more advanced, she gets close up and personal with each, to show the importance of great form and modification.
I picked this video up for $6.99 at BJ's club and I have to say, it could possibly be the BEST 7 bucks I have ever spent on a video. Definitely the best bang for the buck or save yourself the trip and order it here.