Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Exercise DVD Review!!

Another great DVD to add to your collection! Jillian brings it on with her usual vengeance. Jillian uses a series of good old fashioned exercises (burpees, squat thrusts, planks) to raise your heart rate along with strengthening your core, you also get down on the ground for some good old fashioned abdominal work as well. Don't expect to just do a crunch or two, Jillian gets your whole body involved! I have done level one 2 times now and definitely got some great calorie burn out of the 35 minutes!
I love this video for its pure exercise experience, it is not difficult to do the maneuvers, but don't get me wrong, most will be challenged by this workout! Jillian explains each exercise well and goes slow enough the first round that most anyone can understand how to do these moves. She has two gals with her, one doing a more modified move and one doing the more advanced, she gets close up and personal with each, to show the importance of great form and modification.
I picked this video up for $6.99 at BJ's club and I have to say, it could possibly be the BEST 7 bucks I have ever spent on a video. Definitely the best bang for the buck or save yourself the trip and order it here.


Jenny said...

Will have to find out if the library has this one? Thanks for the post!

Tammie said...

You go! I'm not very well aquainted with Jillian. I did just get one of her books that I'm looking forward to reading. I'm not sure if I'm ready for 35 minutes though ;) I feel like I'm doing pretty good to get my daily 20! Maybe it's just the step up I need hey!