Sunday, February 6, 2011

Something Crafty(knitted) and Just for fun!!

 Just for fun and a break from schoolwork and such, I knitted up this cute little hedgehog. I won a kit to knit it years ago in WA state when my favorite yarn shop Sweet Stitch went out of business. I miss that shop and don't even live anywhere near it anymore. So I pulled out this kit and knitted away, I actually changed the color to a more purplish color from a hot pink that was in the kit. Above this is a photo of him all knitted and ready for felting. I did my felting in the dryer! I loved it so much better than felting in the washing machine. I stuffed him with some plastic so the front and back didn't felt together, it was faster and less messy. I got a bowl will hot water and a small amount of laundry soap and soaked him, zipped him in a pillow case and put him in the dryer. I checked it about every 10 minutes, half way I soaked him again and put him back in the dryer! I loved this process! If haven't felted this way, I recommend it!
 Here he is all finished and sewn up. I think he is just adorable!! Too cute. I ordered some safety eyes from etsy for him.
Just another angle, He's fluffy and puffy. He needs a name! Any ideas???

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Food Doldrums!

I seem to be in a real 'pickle' lately. I want fresh tasty produce, alas there really isn't much of that here in NY right now. Unless miles and piles of snow is considered produce. Well it was produced by something right?

Not really what I had in mind. I feel stagnant at best with my eating, I am grateful for my frozen blueberries as they go in my smoothies as often as I can stand the cold! I find I am eating the same things over and over again, lots of pasta (whole grain) but still probably way more than I know I should be eating, because it's quick and easy and tastes so good in so many ways.

I have been so busy with my family and schoolwork that I have neglected the search I used to do for delicious new meals. My youngest son has  become SO incredibly picky, I find myself saying nah, it's just not worth the upset at the dinner table. So here I find myself in a slump... Which would be why you haven't seen to many posts lately, this has been dragging on for awhile now.

I find myself already dreaming of spring, and seed packets and making another go at the vegetable garden. Perhaps I will become re-energized for cooking and preparing foods. I so need it for my mental clarity!

Until the spring hits, I guess I will have to strap on the snowshoes and head out for the crisp (cold) fresh air in hopes for some good meal inspiration!

How about you all what do you do when you get into food slumps?