Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just Joined a Locavore Challenge...

My friend Jenny invited me to take a locavore challenge in which she is team captain.  I had some time today and check it out. There a different levels that you can  join in,  to support, and become part of the local eating challenge. When you register you can choose from 3 levels,  Bite Size, Feast Size, or Meal Size. I jumped right in with the meal size challenge. It means doing three challenges from three different areas, here's what the areas are and the challenges I chose:

Cook Grow Eat:

  • Can Or Preserve Summer Foods (done)
  • Shop at a local Farm stand (done and continue to do)
  • Compost kitchen Scraps (done)
  • Grown and Herb Garden (I have an indoor kit I really need to get going)
Join The Movement:
  • Like the NOFA-NY Facebook Page  (done)
  • Blog about the experience (part done)
  • Read a Locavore Book (In Progress)
  • Attend a Locavore event
Take Action:
  • Join Millions against Monsanto (done)
  • Ask your representative to support local Farming
  • Volunteer at a local Farm or community Garden
So there you go. I didn't need anything else to do, but I have already completed some of these actions and intend to do them all before September 30, 2011. If you would like to join the movement you can register here.

Anyone else doing this challenge?