Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ariana-concert Mistress!!

Here is one song Ariana and the kids in her Orchestra did. These are 5th graders and they did a fabulous job tonight. I am one proud mama!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reflecting on my Life with Grandma Pauline

I know I haven't been on here in a long time, but this is something I feel very strongly I need to write and share. My grandma Pauline passed away this afternoon, She was hospitalized on Thanksgiving and passed this afternoon.
I can remember as a little girl, living on Long Island, mom taking us to the train station on Friday as Grandma would arrive. It surely meant we were going to have a great weekend... I loved the excitement of the big black train coming into the station, my heart beating and knowing grandma was going to get off. Searching through the people until I saw her! One thing was always inevitable Grandma had peanut brittle in her purse and I was going to get some!
When Grandma was visiting Saturday am was certain to be met with silver Mexican jewels that she brought back from one of her trips. By the time I was 6 I knew the names of most of the gems and always loved seeing photos of her trip. She traveled a lot, with her sister Esther.
When we were old enough my sister and I would go to visit her in Brooklyn. She took us to see the rockettes, and museums. I loved the subway, but had a hard time sleeping with all the noise! I loved riding her elevator and I always remember dreaming about the "diamond door knobs" in her apartment. I have a house full of them now and I always think of being a little girl in that Brooklyn apartment. It is very comforting in a way!
When grandma retired from her job as a bookkeeper, she moved down to Boca Raton. She lived in a retirement community and it was always fun to go visit. There were pools, and workout rooms, hot tubs and lots of other teenagers. We played shuffleboard and I rolled my eyes as she dragged me to senior water aerobics. Little did I know how young I would be when I found water aerobic 'fun'! ha... She was unique but busy in her own life...
Then when she wasn't able to take care of herself, we moved her into an assisted living facility. Cleaning out her condo was interesting for sure. We found the pink melamine plates we begged her to leave in Brooklyn and many other odd things tucked in the ceiling tiles of her kitchen. I got yelled at by some old guy with argyle socks for filling up the trash can! We found love letters from her ex, as a kid we called him Grandpa Pizza Pie! He made cakes with more layers than onions, and were chocolate. Oh he loved her, I don't know what happened between them, but everyone should have someone love them the way this man loved Grandma!
As I was older, I didn't get to see her very much. We talked on the phone until her hearing got to bad. She was always happy to hear from me, and I made sure to send her photos of the kids. Grandma had 2 children, 4 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. I can say that she was a fabulous grandmother that has given me so much. She spent quality time with me as a kid and as she leaves this Earth leaves me for one with joy for having had her as my grandmother. Although I am sad to say goodbye, I am happy and relieved that she left with little pain and suffering and her dignity in tact as much as one can at 95 years!
Grandma thank you for being part of my life... you will always be remembered!
PS- I will add some photos in the next few days as I have time to scan some in!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Little Opossum Rescue!

There never seems to be a dull moment at our house! On this particular day (A week ago Sunday) We had a little extra excitement! My husband headed out early that morning to continue working on digging post holes for the new fence we are putting up in the yard. Well hubby came running in because something was splashing around in the hole he had dug the day before! He thought is was rats, but with only the light of a headlamp(thank you boy scouts) I was quickly able to identify the little creatures as opossums! Yikes, how the heck were we going to get these little creatures out of a 4 foot hole?
They were pretty scared, and not very responsive, it was cold, and they were drenched with water from the garden hose, as it was the only way my husband could get the dirt out that deep down it was too sandy otherwise. Anyhow, after a few failed attempts, we were finally able to scoop them out with a hoe. Poor little things, yes I know what their parents are capable of, however, we still had to save them! Here there are cuddled up to each other, after we started to dry them off. I was on quick alert that momma wasn't looking for her babies, as I later learned opossums make terrible mothers! They were so tiny and helpless, what do you do next? Well I ran inside to the computer and got on google. I found a NY state licensed animal rescuer in our area and called right away. I am sure that she was thrilled when I woke her from bed at 10am on Sunday, but alas, she did pick up the phone as soon as she heard me say baby opossums! She was at our house within 40 minutes and all the excitement was over! We had to get back to fence building, runs, laundry and cooking! It was a great distraction. I was relieved to know that the little critters would be taken care of and released into the wild on the rescuers property of 100 acres.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Small but Mighty!! Love my Fellow Navy Spouses!!!

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know that I attempt to be a runner, not a fast one but a runner none the less. What you may not know is that I am a Navy Spouse, my blog isn't really about that, so I don't talk about it much. It has been quite a ride (maybe better if I learned how to swim years and years ago, I digress). I was excited and pleased last night at a meeting of the Navy Family Readiness group when one of my fellow spouses brought up forming a team for the Susan B Komen Race for the Cure~ I signed up as soon as I got home!
I am excited to be part of this, it's the first time I have fun for a cause, and in my heart I know and believe that this is a good one! I am blessed to be part of a team of amazing people some who will be running or walking their first 5k or 2 mile (family walk). I have motivated myself, and I hope to motivate others not only to improve the lives of others, but their own.
Here's how you can help!
Join our team, run as an individual, or form your own team(traitor): HERE
Donate any amount you can: HERE
(If you can not donate how about tweeting, share on fb, or on your blog, the link to my blog post, I thank you and the tata's thank you!!)
Or how about volunteering: Go HERE
Anyone want to be our team photographer? Please let me know!
So here are my goals:
To inspire my fellow runners to achieve their best and feel good about the race!
To raise a million dollars (a girl can dream right)
To feel good about my efforts to help the cause
To improve my 5K time
To Lose 10lbs before the race!
Wish me luck and support me and my fellow runner's for our cause!! I can say now that I have never been more proud to be part of the Navy spouse community!! I am blessed! Now get out there and train!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How To Be Alone

I just loved this video, it really touched me. It was shared on my school message board by one of the instructors. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! Have a great day and strive to be the best you can!

Deepening My Educational and Personal Journey

Imagine my surprise when this box showed up at my door! It wasn't like I didn't know it was coming; however, the overwhelming reality is I had no idea what I signed myself up for! This pile of books, CD's and DVDs is the American Fitness Professionals and Associates(APFA) Master Trainer Certification course! I have looked at their programs for a long time, as long as I looked at the ACE certification, well circumstances presented itself (thank you MyCaa) and I am now enrolled. I feel like I just went from Kindergarten to Grad school in one fail swoop!
The program encompasses a second(for me) personal trainer certification, a nutrition and wellness certification, a sports conditioning certification and one I am very excited for children's fitness specialist certification! After attaining these (how sad is it that I am going to have to enlist my elementary children's help to make power point presentations) I will do a series of practicals to get the master training certification! Wow.. lots of work ahead.
I have to remember to balance myself as I am still working on my Master's degree and that I am getting closer and closer to thesis writing time as the days pass! I still have no topic which I hope to render in the next few weeks as I have conferences scheduled with my professor. I also have a husband and 3 children, too many commitments to count and the UN-ability to say NO, which I am getting better at!
Also, some of you know that I have been trying to get paperwork (ie a name for a business) together along with the rest of the papers necessary... well I have decided that when the kids go back to school in a few weeks, I will get my insurance and begin training clients business name or not! Please contact me privately if you are interested! I am only planning to take on a few clients at first to gradually work into more work hours, and insure that my clients get the best possible trianing. I can not express how excited I am to help others embark on this path to a better and more healthy life! Are you next?

Friday, August 6, 2010

This poor neglected blog!

I will not say that I have neglected my blog on purpose. I miss it so! However, my brain has been reeling around so many things! First of all my kids have been out of school, and not that it is an excuse, but we have been busy! I spent much of July hanging out with them, or immersed in my studies! I also spent a few weeks busy making things for cub scout day camp, and a week 'working' on staff. I use the term work lightly as it is not a paid job, but a volunteer position. One in which I enjoyed beyond measure!
This group of kids was amazing! I worked in the Nature area, which in itself is funny because I had to learn, to teach the kids! Flying by the seat of my pants became my middle name that week but these kids and their curiosity and spirit won over my heart! I will be back for more next year! Trust me when I say, I learned WAY more about many things than I taught, either way we all came out with a smile on our faces! The cardboard horses were a huge hit... maintenance was fairly easy and Nikolas' horse "Deady" is hanging tough on the front porch! Too see the Entire collection of camp photos click here. On top of a joyful cub scout rodeo, we celebrated 100 years of boy scouting! I am so pleased that my family gets to benefit from scouting... It's a great thing. (and yes popcorn sales is coming, on their defense I have to say their popping corn is the best I have used) And I have been busy learning how to can, it's been GREAT. I SO enjoy it! Here is a few batches of blueberry and strawberry rhubarb jam I made. I have mad several since. I am SO happy to give my kids wholesome choices that do not have artificial chemicals added. They love it and so do I. Here is a batch in process! I can say that it's been great and fulfilling to learn, do and experience so many wonderful things in life! I suppose it is a great thing to be so busy and happy doing it!
I am happy to say that I am progressing well at school, I have 6 more classes left before writing my thesis (of which I have no topic) and I am cruising right along with my current class (with a push from MyCaa) either way the goal is to be writing my thesis this time next year, better get on the topic huh? Could I really be graduating by winter 2011? yowza! What's a girl to do?
Well no worries, I have big plans coming so keep tuned in for more information. I have been making plans and will spill that soon!
For now, I am getting ready to head out for run! I need it, Last week there wasn't much exercise aside from hauling myself around Camp Boyhaven! So I have a lot to make up for!
Things are looking up in many areas... Stay posted!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh June, Where did you go?

It's amazing, I caught 'The Teenager' on film(not exactly on film) but digital sounds ridiculous! He actually smiled too! There was the field trip to Howe Caverns (Brian went with Nikolas) There was field day... and more field day... What's with these big kids on these little hoppity hops?
The ever important crossing over to Weblos I! This is a big moment for Niko.
There was girls U-10 soccer.. and mixed U-8 soccer Sweat and more sweat. And of course more field days for Ariana. A trip to the state capital building and NY state museum. A chat session with Senator Farley, with some very interesting questions asked by 4Th graders! I loved it! They really challenged him!
And the celebratory birthday yell when on little girl opened her big "I am 10 now" gift! Lots of new scooter riding from one little girl that loved the gift from her Florida Grandma!
It's been a mammoth of a month.....
Comet has the right idea, don't you think so?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting Crafty!! and it's about time!!

Well everyone, I have seemed to 'misplaced' my nutrition book. (under a pile of yarn, laundry, or I am just not looking very hard for it, it just happened to show up as I was waiting for photos to upload) Too bad, I get to finish my post now!
I has been too long since I have posted anything much that is crafted. Not for lack of wanting to. I just haven't finished many projects until now... YEAH! and best of all I have MORE in the works!
This is a close up of the needle felting I did for my neices slippers... My first needle felting project These are a photo of the slippers. They were knitted and felted. They were a fun project to work on. The pattern was from a kit from knitpicks. This is my second needle felting project. Did it like a paper piecing project but with felt and then needle felted the penguins on the slippers. I love how the penguin turned out. Thanks to Brian for helping cut out the tiny tiny pieces! Here's the completed slippers. I debated about putting laces in these guys and decided not to. I can if you girls decide you want them! Just let me know! Here is Sackboy. I have never seen the game. My youngest has played this game with his friend, and since his friend is moving away, it's his gift from us as a going away present.. Shh don't tell.. ha ha Nikolas already told him before I got the yarn! What a stinker! Here's Sackboy in pieces... my first knitted toy, so much fun to make. I will definitely be making more knitted toys in the near future! I already have plans for some more things! For now they are a secret! Not entirely crafty, unless fixing the hole in the wall and painting is crafty; however, I did sew up the curtain. One more bathroom to go and then we have to get painting outside and pretty much start painting the inside all over again. (sigh)
So any of you crafting anything fun out there? Please share!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chi Running Clinic

I had the privilege of attending a chi running clinic this past weekend. I had read the book a few years ago, and have tried to follow the principles in the books as much as I can. I am excited to say that one clinic wasn't enough, however it was excellent! It was led by Ann Margaret McKillop of My fitness Recovery. I can't say enough good things about Ann Margaret or her clinic!

Chi running principles are focused on injury free running, utilizing good posture and the strength of your core to keep strength through your core. Keeping your core strong to be able to relax the rest of your body will help you remain injury free when running. I can see that this process can take years to master just as it would if you were to take Tai Chi or another martial art form.

First she walked us through some great postural exercises, some felt really weird as I suppose I really don't have perfect posture (sigh). I have to say, it is amazing how strong our bodies are when they are in alignment! That would be the chi part of it. Strength and alignment. The strength comes from the core. She explained so many things about posture and injuries and how they interrelate to each other. I am sorry to say that I can not remember all the things she said.
I do remember the practice of walking we did lifting our knees and letting our ankles relax! Yes, we need to relax our ankles when we run, who knew! Ann Margaret says this is how knee injuries are born! It amazed me the difference I feel already, even just walking focusing on relaxing those ankles! We sort of joked about feeling like zombies doing this exercise, however I can see with practice the difference it is going to make in my body and my running.

I will be reading the book again to be sure that I refresh my memory on posture, gait etc. She was unable to got into much more detail because it was a large group. I am excited to have new things to focus on with my running and that my running buddy was there with me so we can help each other out with the techniques we learned yesterday!

Thanks to Ann Margaret for a great class and to The Hudson-Mohawk Road Runners Club for sponsoring it!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Weight loss and the stress of it the scale

So I saw this video in a newsletter and really wanted to share it with everyone. I know that the weight loss journey seems like a forever battle and the scale isn't always gracious no matter how hard we feel we are working at it! This video is a reminder that things within our bodies change rapidly. A whole pound this lady gained in a matter of minutes just by drinking water!
My point is, that we can't just measure the number on the scale because it is forever changing, if we are working out, we are sweating out water, if we are drinking or eating, go to the bathroom etc. Now I am not saying that you shouldn't ever pay attention; however, it should be a guide and not gospel!
When I lost the bulk of my weight, the measurements were very important. I think I had lost over 88 inches (That's over 7 feet!) in girth! I knew that I had lost fat! I didn't fit in ANY of my clothes I could move and for longer! Health was the key, I was and am healthy! So to those of you that get on the scale constantly, if it works for you, great, just don't base your day and how you feel about yourself on the number. I can get on my scale four times in a row and it could be .2 or .4 different each time. Take your measurements, and see how your clothes fit that is the real test! Even more real, how do you feel and what are you capable of doing now that you couldn't do before!
Live your journey today no matter what your size or shape, if there is something you want to do, do it! Don't wait until you are (________) just work towards the goal and get it done.
We are here for the journey and not just the destination! Always have a goal, away from the scale. If you want to walk, run, ride, create art, learn a new skill don't let yourself wait because of how you feel about yourself and your size.
The REAL change is on the inside! Accept yourself and love yourself not for a number on the scale but for the wonderful, creative person you are, this will ensure your success!!
Have a great day all!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Why Can't You?

So today I was in the grocery store, nothing new with my big hungry family! However, I have never had the cashier say, gee I am so jealous of the healthy organic foods you are buying! I didn't really think they ever noticed or cared, just rang up your stuff and hoped to get you out of there as quick as possible!
Well I thought it was interesting because she said working here and having 4 room-mates makes it impossible to eat healthy? She went on and on, well the truth is, there was a time 100 plus pounds ago I would have had a million excuses why I couldn't eat healthy too... No time, too busy, to expensive you name it, I could have give all the excuses in the world!
Despite the 100 people in line behind you, I asked her as I was walking away to let her help the next customer, Why can't you eat healthy foods?
And now I am asking you, Why can't you eat healthy foods? Really what's your excuse? Let's bust it right now! You deserve to have a healthy life and a fulfilling one too. It starts with nourishing yourself from the inside out.
So let's have it and bust those excuses!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It was an interesting morning as I headed out for my Wednesday am run. Usually on this run I have my running buddy, but today I was heading out alone! It's always different alone. It was drizzly this morning so I was trying to talk myself out of going and just doing a DVD instead. However, I headed out the door anyway as I knew I would feel GREAT as soon as I got out there and especially after the run was over!
I cranked up some music (one headphone for safety reasons) and headed out the door! I was quickly reminded of why I love to run(note the sarcasm sign!) down certain streets on garbage day. I am not known for my ability to jump (Tony Horton would bust a gut if he saw me doing his plyoX workout, however I do it anyway because it's fun, challenging and good for me!) and off I go jumping and leaping over trash cans and lids. It didn't seem to matter if I ran street or sidewalk, the stuff is all over! I was blessed today to not trip and fall on this run! I don't know about anyone else, but my mind wanders when I run alone. I work to find my focus and just go, keeping myself at a fairly constant pace and heart rate.
So I have to admit, I was saying some choice words about and to the garbage collectors (in my head) about the obstacle course of trash cans all over... I forgot about it for awhile as I ran into an area away from the neighborhood that didn't have trash cans all over, then my mind wandered somewhere else for a bit. Then as I hit the turn in my loop where I head home, there is the garbage truck! I am heading up one of the larger hills and thinking to myself. GREAT not only do I have to jump over and around this stuff, but I will probably get hit with a flying trash can lid instead. Well much to my surprise, I start passing the truck (and they were stopped, weird) and there is two guys back there... GREAT now they are going to mock me instead! Here's where I got some new perspective. Two guys behind the truck, clapping and cheering me on... "Great pace, keep it up", "Good for you"! I was so floored I almost fell over! I'd been cursing them, and they totally blew me away, being nice!
I find it funny how the simple things make a difference in your day! Not only did I think about how much work it would be if all the trash cans, lids and recycle bins were all placed perfectly back in place (not that I don't think it would be nice) but I realized that they are people too trying to do their job to the best of their ability!
It takes all kinds of people to make this world go round... So what are you going to do to make today a better day for someone else, without expecting anything in return?
And on another note here's my new favorite smoothie 'recipe': Enjoy!
approximately 2 cups or large handfuls of Kale
scoop of chia seeds
1/2 cup of frozen mango chunks
1/2 cup of frozen pineapple chunks
1 cup of frozen blueberries
Blend in blender with adequate water to desired consistency. Yummy!!! This is my favorite breakfast before running.
Anyone have a favorite protein powder they like to use... I would love to try one, as it would be great to drink after hard workouts! Please share with me!
I hope everyone has a great day... I just opened the windows, as I realized that it is warmer outside then in and I was a bit chilly in here! Here comes the sun!! Off to do some homework now!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Need your help and Ideas...

As some of you may know I recently passed my American Council on Exercise Personal trainer certification exam. I am a certified personal trainer now! I need to get marketing materials together(IE I need a business name)so I can get started.
I know you guys are creative people, so here's what I need, I need your ideas on what to name my fitness business. Please keep in mind that I will be doing nutritional consulting/education as well in the future as I either get another certification and when I finish my master's degree. The plan is to train clients (mainly women since it would be in their homes, office gyms etc) and teach weight loss and nutrition education classes too. So now it's your turn... Help me out and brainstorm with me! Can't wait to hear your ideas? I had a few and was bummed out because they were already taken..sigh..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yoga by any other Name... Meltdown (Oh Jillian)

Just yesterday I purchased this DVD. I really didn't have and expec- tations that this would be the slightly challenging and relaxing yoga experience of Sunday Morning (when I can get my arse out of bed, not lately.. sigh). Think about it, if you have ever done any of Jillian's workouts or have seen her train people on TV you know Jillian-no mercy, you will leave it all in the gym and Yoga meltdown is no different! I have to say, I did give it my all in every aspect.

This workout used a combination of sun salutations, lots of planks, repetition of movements of classic yoga poses followed by a period of holding the pose. The intervals raise heart rate while you are getting the benefits of dynamic and static stretches. If you are looking for a classic yoga workout this is not the workout for you. If you are looking for a yoga style workout that is low impact, will give you some calorie burn and some of the benefits of yoga and toning your body, give this one a try. I found this workout to be challenging (at level one) with lots of core strengthening work -which I need!

If you are a fan of Jillian and would like a softer (not soft mind you) Jillian without jumping jacks this is a great workout. I am looking forward to using the video a time or two a week in addition to my usual workouts and watching my strength grow. I also like that no equipment is needed with exception of a mat if you are working out on a hard surface.

Overall, I am looking forward to trying out level two, sweating a little more and seeing if I can find some abs in there somewhere! I am definitely going to try this DVD again!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Vision Board- It's done!!!

I have been working on the elements for this vision board for a few months now. It seems that for some reason there is always something getting in the way of the time to spend to even put it together. I am sure that many of you are wondering what the vision board is even for. Ever since 2004 when I started my weight loss journey, goals were very important so I wrote them down in a little notebook (still have it and still write in it sometimes) however, life is challenging and busy at times and it is easy to just not look in it. So the vision board is a way to have your goals, ambitions, and values out in a way that one can see those things that are most important everyday. It is believed that seeing your goals and visualizing yourself (the way you desire to be) helps things happen in your life.
I realize that just looking at this board is not going to make things happen. I still have to get out there and work at my goals! However, being conscious of these things at all times does make it easier when hard choices come to play, when fear sets in or some other obstacle comes into play.
I have found that I am more on track with where I want to be and I am seeing some success happen already since finishing this board. Of course since taking this photo last week. I have already removed a typo, and thought of some things I would like to add as well. I guess it will be forever changing!
what are your goals and how do you see yourself achieving the things that you want from life?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Zach!

Zachary is now 14~ It is SO hard to believe that I have a 14 year old! He had a great birthday weekend, went out to dinner his choice, and got to eat ice cream cake which we do not get very often.
Today in the midst of baking, we went through some scrapbook albums from when he was a baby and toddler. It was sort of fun because when he was about 18 months or so we went on a trip to Vancouver, since they are showing so much of Vancouver with the Olympics it was fun to show him that he had been there. They showed a park called Capillano (not sure if I spelled it right) but it has a very long rope suspension bridge. Not so exciting for those of us with height issues! Absolutely beautiful though.
The kids grow so fast, it is hard to believe where the time goes. It seems that some days life is so busy and fast that we forget to appreciate the good things in life.
I digress, however really wanted to say, Happy Birthday to Zachary! You are growing in to a fine young man! I love you! Mom

Fish N Nips.....

Plus a few other fun shapes. My kids and I made these great cheese crackers from here. I originally saw them on Erika's blog. Thanks for sharing the recipe. My daughter and I had a great time cutting out the shapes however I have to say that just making the squares was the easiest and quickest. I was hoping that between the sweet potato oat bars we made yesterday and these that they would have snacks all week! Ha.. they are almost gone.
In the spirit of clean eating, I have really been searching for snacks for the kids that they would enjoy and wouldn't be too hard to make. I would hope that I could make these each week at least in theory, and squares not fancy shapes. There is no sugar in this recipe and I altered the recipe and used whole wheat flour instead of white for more than half of the flour. I will try half whole wheat and half spelt flour next time and see how it turns out. I also used white cheddar instead of yellow to avoid the food dies. This means they don't look as pretty yellow as the photos on other other website. I will also try to alter them in other ways as well in the future. I will see how it goes!
All in all, it was a great success. Even my husband likes them, which means they wont last long!
Let me know if you try these. I don't think you will be disappointed at all!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tosca You Are My Hero... Another Eat Clean Winner!

I have jumped into baking some new stuff this weekend. I started with a Sweet Potato Oat Bar from Tosca Reno's new The Eat Clean Diet Recharged. I was so excited to win this book from The Fitness Freak's Blog, I have to make this recipe first. First order of the day was baking the sweet potatoes in the oven early in the am, I was so tempted to just eat them but I held off and made the recipe. This recipe has whole oats, fresh ground flax seeds, slivered almonds, walnuts, dried cranberries, coconut oil (which I used instead of coconut butter, research said that it would work the same way) I had bought some goji berries and I forgot to use them too.
I have been searching for something to make my kids for a quick breakfast or a snack for school. I also want something that I can pack in my bag when I head out for the gym or another activity in which I might get hungry! It is packed full of nutrients, smells great and tastes to good. Zachary said it tasted good and he says he doesn't like sweet potatoes!! Thumbs up from Ariana! She liked it too!
So thanks again Tosca for such a delicious recipe, I haven't met one of her recipes that hasn't knocked my socks off! This one is no different!
For all you Tosca fans out there. What's your favorite Eat Clean recipe?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fantastic Day and more!!

I started off the day with a bang. When my running buddy wasn't able to run with me because she was home with a sick child and then as fast as it took for the kids to get from the door to the bus at the end of our driveway, the ground was covered with the fluffy white stuff. I opted to kick it by getting out my rebounder and doing the intermediate workout off of this DVD! I forgot how much fun it is to jump on the mini tramp and just how much oxygen it takes to continue to do it for 35 minutes. JB give a great workout, challenges you to push beyond what you think you can do!
I have also recently learned that rebounding is a great way to detoxify your liver! Yes, the bouncing helps activate your liver to clean house! Not to mention it also helps improve lymphatic and immune function and will improve you cardiovascular health, lower your resting blood pressure the benefits go on and on. Just think a few years ago, I bought the rebounder as a new way to exercise, the benefits are many! Here's the veggies that I cooked up for dinner. Tonight it was Ariana's choice and they were stir fried with a little grape seed oil, we had fresh onion, green and yellow, broccoli, corn, spinach, carrot, zucchini and then mixed with the quinoa and a small amount of nuefatchel cheese. Yummy clean eating meal. Quinoa has quickly become one of my most favorite whole grains. I have been working to venture out of so much pasta (completely given up white pasta long time ago) Quinoa is SO tasty with a bit of nutty crunch. I like to use it in recipes in place of coucous since it is a whole grain and much better for you. Quinoa has 222 calories for a 1 cup serving, 5 g of fiber, 8 g of protein, sodium is 1% based on daily value, 39 g of Carbohydrates with a glycemic load of 18. This grain with all essential amino acids packs a strong nutritional punch! So if you haven't given it a try yet pick yourself up some next time you go to the grocery store and see what you think! It also has a great fullness factor, which I also love!! Also stewing in my kitchen, is a few dinosaurs soaking in my kitchen! yikes! We aren't going to eat them so they will not be added with the quinoa; however, my two youngest are enjoying watching them grow in the bowl. So there we go! Dinosaurs brewing in the kitchen, I sure hope they don't get to much bigger! Then the mail came! Wahooo!! My book I won from The Fitness Freak's blog. At first thumb through, this book looks like the best Tosca book yet! I have most of them and love them. I can't wait to dive into the vegetarian recipes in this book and do more reading. The photos are phenomenal and they made me want to dive right in with my fork they are so delicious looking! Thank you so much Nicole for the chance to win this great blog candy and for sending me the book!! Yeah my Bondi Bands arrived too. I have heard so many things about these wonderful wicking headbands that when I found the coupon code for them I decided that I just had to order a few. I seem to have permanent ponytail when I am working out and then leads into when I am not working out because I take a shower and get busy studying and forget to do anything with it. These should give me another option. These headbands are supposed to be wicking, non-slip and come so highly recommended on the running boards that I just couldn't resist. I have had one on my head all day, without pain, without moving! yeah!
here's the code:
Buy 3 get one free- code: ONE
Five for $25- code: FIVE
Then most exciting an envelope from American council on Exercise. My official certificate of certification! I guess I should get my plan in gear, and work on getting insurance and paperwork so I can get started training some clients! I have been collecting up some gear such as medicine balls and kettlebells as well as elastic tubing, and bands. It's all coming together!
I have also been making some progress on my Masters degree. My current class is nutritional counseling. It will also help me in meeting new training clients as well. I am thinking of a few other certifications but for now, Hawthorn has my full attention!
I love having days like this one. Good food, well behaved children, great workouts and I did no laundry today! I am also all ready for my sons class party for valentines day a few days in advance!

Friday, February 5, 2010

A Girl and Her Shoes

I know exactly what you all are thinking, where are the high-heeled toe crunching arch aching contraptions that many women collect. Well I have a few of those, but I don't have any desire to wear them more than needed. The shoes above are the shoes I live in. I chase around 3 kids half my time and the other half I am chasing my drive and desire for fitness and health. If you haven't walked, ran, cycled, or lifted in my shoes read on and maybe just maybe you will understand why, I feel it is so important for me to have these shoes and use them! I wont talk about all them and trust me when I say, they are not ALL lined up in the photo above. Meet my Specialized cycling shoes, if you have ever gone out on a ride with me, you will know, me, chatting and cycling don't always go well together. I haven't rode my bike outside much since moving to NY, mostly because I feel like the roads are so narrow and the drivers are so not cautious of any type of exerciser on the road. Well I love love love these shoes for spinning. They clip onto the bike petal and give a much more rounded leg workout. Clip shoes allow for both pushing downward and pulling upward making the petal stroke much more energy effective for both cycling in or outdoors. Ahh, the dance shoes, I wear these shoes for Zumba. Zumba is a fun, cardio dance aerobics. In this type of exercise there is a lot of twisting which hurt my knees when wearing other types of shoes. The bottom of this shoe allows for ease of twisting with the reduced risk of injury. Meet the mother of all running shoes! Mizuno Wave Nirvana, I dearly LOVE these shoes. I have had issues on and off with my knees and went to get professionally fitted for these shoes. I highly recommend going to a running store for a fitting if you have any intention of running on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I do not get to wear the cute little purple and pink girlie running shoes that we see all over the mall. Most importantly know what sort of arch and gait you have (which is why you should go to someone trained because most of us don't get to watch ourselves run or know what to look for). Anyhow, these shoes are the mother in stability and motion control. I love them and I love being able to run pain free! An old stand-bye for the gym, my nike air's. I can use most of the gym equipment very comfortably. These are great for weightlifting and general exercise at the fitness center. They are not my most favorite but a good stand-bye. These are my Ryka's they are great all around exercise shoes. They are incredibly comfortable to wear. These shoes are like walking on clouds. They are a great all around fitness shoe. I don't recommend running in them as I don't think they have the lateral support I need, but for any other exercise they are great!
What I am really saying here is that all fitness sneakers are not created equal. Be certain that you have the proper shoe for you sport, as having your ankle, knee, and hip misaligned could cause lots of problems. One could get a great workout with only a decent pair of shoes! I cannot ignore the importance of the right shoe for your foot! Our own body weight is a resistance for good exercise if needed. Whatever you do, make a good choice for yourself, eat your veggies and get out there and do some exercise!