Friday, May 7, 2010

Weight loss and the stress of it the scale

So I saw this video in a newsletter and really wanted to share it with everyone. I know that the weight loss journey seems like a forever battle and the scale isn't always gracious no matter how hard we feel we are working at it! This video is a reminder that things within our bodies change rapidly. A whole pound this lady gained in a matter of minutes just by drinking water!
My point is, that we can't just measure the number on the scale because it is forever changing, if we are working out, we are sweating out water, if we are drinking or eating, go to the bathroom etc. Now I am not saying that you shouldn't ever pay attention; however, it should be a guide and not gospel!
When I lost the bulk of my weight, the measurements were very important. I think I had lost over 88 inches (That's over 7 feet!) in girth! I knew that I had lost fat! I didn't fit in ANY of my clothes I could move and for longer! Health was the key, I was and am healthy! So to those of you that get on the scale constantly, if it works for you, great, just don't base your day and how you feel about yourself on the number. I can get on my scale four times in a row and it could be .2 or .4 different each time. Take your measurements, and see how your clothes fit that is the real test! Even more real, how do you feel and what are you capable of doing now that you couldn't do before!
Live your journey today no matter what your size or shape, if there is something you want to do, do it! Don't wait until you are (________) just work towards the goal and get it done.
We are here for the journey and not just the destination! Always have a goal, away from the scale. If you want to walk, run, ride, create art, learn a new skill don't let yourself wait because of how you feel about yourself and your size.
The REAL change is on the inside! Accept yourself and love yourself not for a number on the scale but for the wonderful, creative person you are, this will ensure your success!!
Have a great day all!!


TheFitnessFreak said...

Thanks for the reminder and the visual! I have made it a habit to weigh myself only once a week at the same time, before I eat. I am being monitored by the doctor right now trying to figure out if my recent weight gain is because of my thyroid or something else. I HATE counting calories, ugh!

The Cooking Lady said...

I gave up the scale eons ago. I like my size 8 and that is fine with me. Pffft to the scale. In fact, I think they should be either banned or illegal.

Orlando Realtor said...

Great advice Carrie, "live your journey" today! Too many folks just wait, excuse?, for an event to happen to begin another event. We are in control somewhat of our paths and must take that stroll when we can.

Damaris said...

what a great post. it's a good reminder to not be so obsessed with our weight. Hard to do but so empowering.