Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting Crafty!! and it's about time!!

Well everyone, I have seemed to 'misplaced' my nutrition book. (under a pile of yarn, laundry, or I am just not looking very hard for it, it just happened to show up as I was waiting for photos to upload) Too bad, I get to finish my post now!
I has been too long since I have posted anything much that is crafted. Not for lack of wanting to. I just haven't finished many projects until now... YEAH! and best of all I have MORE in the works!
This is a close up of the needle felting I did for my neices slippers... My first needle felting project These are a photo of the slippers. They were knitted and felted. They were a fun project to work on. The pattern was from a kit from knitpicks. This is my second needle felting project. Did it like a paper piecing project but with felt and then needle felted the penguins on the slippers. I love how the penguin turned out. Thanks to Brian for helping cut out the tiny tiny pieces! Here's the completed slippers. I debated about putting laces in these guys and decided not to. I can if you girls decide you want them! Just let me know! Here is Sackboy. I have never seen the game. My youngest has played this game with his friend, and since his friend is moving away, it's his gift from us as a going away present.. Shh don't tell.. ha ha Nikolas already told him before I got the yarn! What a stinker! Here's Sackboy in pieces... my first knitted toy, so much fun to make. I will definitely be making more knitted toys in the near future! I already have plans for some more things! For now they are a secret! Not entirely crafty, unless fixing the hole in the wall and painting is crafty; however, I did sew up the curtain. One more bathroom to go and then we have to get painting outside and pretty much start painting the inside all over again. (sigh)
So any of you crafting anything fun out there? Please share!


Tammie said...

Hey hadn't been over here in a while but I got caught up! Love your vision board!!! Love your thoughts about the cashier at the grocery store and about the scale. And of course all your craftyness! Thanks for being so inspiring!

fitncrafty said...

I appreciate your kind words Tammie!

Fortunately for you, it's not to hard to keep up on my blog these days! I am so busy there just isn't much time to blog. By the time I get done with my kids, workouts and schoolwork there just doesn't seem to be much left in me!

Jenny said...

Love that penguin! And the adorable Sackboy. You must be so happy to have that bathroom finished. I'd love to have one completed myself. Crafting? started a new clutch since my purse has seen better days. Any gardening lately?

fitncrafty said...

Thanks Jenny... The penguin did turn out cute!
Sackboy has moved out and is moving to Jersey soon.
Sad to say that I have not done a lick of gardening, nothing, except for buying a new stevia plant.
I have no patience for hand tilling the garden plot and car too small for a rental... I may pick up some plants at the farmers market and see what happens... See you soon!