Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chi Running Clinic

I had the privilege of attending a chi running clinic this past weekend. I had read the book a few years ago, and have tried to follow the principles in the books as much as I can. I am excited to say that one clinic wasn't enough, however it was excellent! It was led by Ann Margaret McKillop of My fitness Recovery. I can't say enough good things about Ann Margaret or her clinic!

Chi running principles are focused on injury free running, utilizing good posture and the strength of your core to keep strength through your core. Keeping your core strong to be able to relax the rest of your body will help you remain injury free when running. I can see that this process can take years to master just as it would if you were to take Tai Chi or another martial art form.

First she walked us through some great postural exercises, some felt really weird as I suppose I really don't have perfect posture (sigh). I have to say, it is amazing how strong our bodies are when they are in alignment! That would be the chi part of it. Strength and alignment. The strength comes from the core. She explained so many things about posture and injuries and how they interrelate to each other. I am sorry to say that I can not remember all the things she said.
I do remember the practice of walking we did lifting our knees and letting our ankles relax! Yes, we need to relax our ankles when we run, who knew! Ann Margaret says this is how knee injuries are born! It amazed me the difference I feel already, even just walking focusing on relaxing those ankles! We sort of joked about feeling like zombies doing this exercise, however I can see with practice the difference it is going to make in my body and my running.

I will be reading the book again to be sure that I refresh my memory on posture, gait etc. She was unable to got into much more detail because it was a large group. I am excited to have new things to focus on with my running and that my running buddy was there with me so we can help each other out with the techniques we learned yesterday!

Thanks to Ann Margaret for a great class and to The Hudson-Mohawk Road Runners Club for sponsoring it!


TheFitnessFreak said...

That would be so great Carrie! I always have aching knees after I run and I know it's a form thing. I know many people would benefit from a class like this. Maybe I'll be able to take one one day : )


Orlando Realtor said...

Sounds like a good class.

"The strength comes from the core"...this comment you made would be another reason to try Pilates! It is all about making the core stronger. And it works!