Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Little Opossum Rescue!

There never seems to be a dull moment at our house! On this particular day (A week ago Sunday) We had a little extra excitement! My husband headed out early that morning to continue working on digging post holes for the new fence we are putting up in the yard. Well hubby came running in because something was splashing around in the hole he had dug the day before! He thought is was rats, but with only the light of a headlamp(thank you boy scouts) I was quickly able to identify the little creatures as opossums! Yikes, how the heck were we going to get these little creatures out of a 4 foot hole?
They were pretty scared, and not very responsive, it was cold, and they were drenched with water from the garden hose, as it was the only way my husband could get the dirt out that deep down it was too sandy otherwise. Anyhow, after a few failed attempts, we were finally able to scoop them out with a hoe. Poor little things, yes I know what their parents are capable of, however, we still had to save them! Here there are cuddled up to each other, after we started to dry them off. I was on quick alert that momma wasn't looking for her babies, as I later learned opossums make terrible mothers! They were so tiny and helpless, what do you do next? Well I ran inside to the computer and got on google. I found a NY state licensed animal rescuer in our area and called right away. I am sure that she was thrilled when I woke her from bed at 10am on Sunday, but alas, she did pick up the phone as soon as she heard me say baby opossums! She was at our house within 40 minutes and all the excitement was over! We had to get back to fence building, runs, laundry and cooking! It was a great distraction. I was relieved to know that the little critters would be taken care of and released into the wild on the rescuers property of 100 acres.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Small but Mighty!! Love my Fellow Navy Spouses!!!

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know that I attempt to be a runner, not a fast one but a runner none the less. What you may not know is that I am a Navy Spouse, my blog isn't really about that, so I don't talk about it much. It has been quite a ride (maybe better if I learned how to swim years and years ago, I digress). I was excited and pleased last night at a meeting of the Navy Family Readiness group when one of my fellow spouses brought up forming a team for the Susan B Komen Race for the Cure~ I signed up as soon as I got home!
I am excited to be part of this, it's the first time I have fun for a cause, and in my heart I know and believe that this is a good one! I am blessed to be part of a team of amazing people some who will be running or walking their first 5k or 2 mile (family walk). I have motivated myself, and I hope to motivate others not only to improve the lives of others, but their own.
Here's how you can help!
Join our team, run as an individual, or form your own team(traitor): HERE
Donate any amount you can: HERE
(If you can not donate how about tweeting, share on fb, or on your blog, the link to my blog post, I thank you and the tata's thank you!!)
Or how about volunteering: Go HERE
Anyone want to be our team photographer? Please let me know!
So here are my goals:
To inspire my fellow runners to achieve their best and feel good about the race!
To raise a million dollars (a girl can dream right)
To feel good about my efforts to help the cause
To improve my 5K time
To Lose 10lbs before the race!
Wish me luck and support me and my fellow runner's for our cause!! I can say now that I have never been more proud to be part of the Navy spouse community!! I am blessed! Now get out there and train!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How To Be Alone

I just loved this video, it really touched me. It was shared on my school message board by one of the instructors. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! Have a great day and strive to be the best you can!

Deepening My Educational and Personal Journey

Imagine my surprise when this box showed up at my door! It wasn't like I didn't know it was coming; however, the overwhelming reality is I had no idea what I signed myself up for! This pile of books, CD's and DVDs is the American Fitness Professionals and Associates(APFA) Master Trainer Certification course! I have looked at their programs for a long time, as long as I looked at the ACE certification, well circumstances presented itself (thank you MyCaa) and I am now enrolled. I feel like I just went from Kindergarten to Grad school in one fail swoop!
The program encompasses a second(for me) personal trainer certification, a nutrition and wellness certification, a sports conditioning certification and one I am very excited for children's fitness specialist certification! After attaining these (how sad is it that I am going to have to enlist my elementary children's help to make power point presentations) I will do a series of practicals to get the master training certification! Wow.. lots of work ahead.
I have to remember to balance myself as I am still working on my Master's degree and that I am getting closer and closer to thesis writing time as the days pass! I still have no topic which I hope to render in the next few weeks as I have conferences scheduled with my professor. I also have a husband and 3 children, too many commitments to count and the UN-ability to say NO, which I am getting better at!
Also, some of you know that I have been trying to get paperwork (ie a name for a business) together along with the rest of the papers necessary... well I have decided that when the kids go back to school in a few weeks, I will get my insurance and begin training clients business name or not! Please contact me privately if you are interested! I am only planning to take on a few clients at first to gradually work into more work hours, and insure that my clients get the best possible trianing. I can not express how excited I am to help others embark on this path to a better and more healthy life! Are you next?

Friday, August 6, 2010

This poor neglected blog!

I will not say that I have neglected my blog on purpose. I miss it so! However, my brain has been reeling around so many things! First of all my kids have been out of school, and not that it is an excuse, but we have been busy! I spent much of July hanging out with them, or immersed in my studies! I also spent a few weeks busy making things for cub scout day camp, and a week 'working' on staff. I use the term work lightly as it is not a paid job, but a volunteer position. One in which I enjoyed beyond measure!
This group of kids was amazing! I worked in the Nature area, which in itself is funny because I had to learn, to teach the kids! Flying by the seat of my pants became my middle name that week but these kids and their curiosity and spirit won over my heart! I will be back for more next year! Trust me when I say, I learned WAY more about many things than I taught, either way we all came out with a smile on our faces! The cardboard horses were a huge hit... maintenance was fairly easy and Nikolas' horse "Deady" is hanging tough on the front porch! Too see the Entire collection of camp photos click here. On top of a joyful cub scout rodeo, we celebrated 100 years of boy scouting! I am so pleased that my family gets to benefit from scouting... It's a great thing. (and yes popcorn sales is coming, on their defense I have to say their popping corn is the best I have used) And I have been busy learning how to can, it's been GREAT. I SO enjoy it! Here is a few batches of blueberry and strawberry rhubarb jam I made. I have mad several since. I am SO happy to give my kids wholesome choices that do not have artificial chemicals added. They love it and so do I. Here is a batch in process! I can say that it's been great and fulfilling to learn, do and experience so many wonderful things in life! I suppose it is a great thing to be so busy and happy doing it!
I am happy to say that I am progressing well at school, I have 6 more classes left before writing my thesis (of which I have no topic) and I am cruising right along with my current class (with a push from MyCaa) either way the goal is to be writing my thesis this time next year, better get on the topic huh? Could I really be graduating by winter 2011? yowza! What's a girl to do?
Well no worries, I have big plans coming so keep tuned in for more information. I have been making plans and will spill that soon!
For now, I am getting ready to head out for run! I need it, Last week there wasn't much exercise aside from hauling myself around Camp Boyhaven! So I have a lot to make up for!
Things are looking up in many areas... Stay posted!!!