Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Little Opossum Rescue!

There never seems to be a dull moment at our house! On this particular day (A week ago Sunday) We had a little extra excitement! My husband headed out early that morning to continue working on digging post holes for the new fence we are putting up in the yard. Well hubby came running in because something was splashing around in the hole he had dug the day before! He thought is was rats, but with only the light of a headlamp(thank you boy scouts) I was quickly able to identify the little creatures as opossums! Yikes, how the heck were we going to get these little creatures out of a 4 foot hole?
They were pretty scared, and not very responsive, it was cold, and they were drenched with water from the garden hose, as it was the only way my husband could get the dirt out that deep down it was too sandy otherwise. Anyhow, after a few failed attempts, we were finally able to scoop them out with a hoe. Poor little things, yes I know what their parents are capable of, however, we still had to save them! Here there are cuddled up to each other, after we started to dry them off. I was on quick alert that momma wasn't looking for her babies, as I later learned opossums make terrible mothers! They were so tiny and helpless, what do you do next? Well I ran inside to the computer and got on google. I found a NY state licensed animal rescuer in our area and called right away. I am sure that she was thrilled when I woke her from bed at 10am on Sunday, but alas, she did pick up the phone as soon as she heard me say baby opossums! She was at our house within 40 minutes and all the excitement was over! We had to get back to fence building, runs, laundry and cooking! It was a great distraction. I was relieved to know that the little critters would be taken care of and released into the wild on the rescuers property of 100 acres.

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Permission to Mother said...

That's quite an adventure. I like Brian's maternal instincts. :)