Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Soccer Stars!!!!

Today was the opening of the spring soccer season for my two youngest children. Ariana's game was first. She has never really played before and jumped right in like a pro. She had such a good time and I was so proud of her for being such a good sport! There was no practice before this game so it was hit or miss as to how the kids would do. Ariana smiled the whole time and despite it all she had a great time!
Nikolas also had his first game, it wasn't as easy for him to jump onto the field and playing without much practice or instruction. He had fun playing outside. There was only one sub so by the time the game was over he (and all the other kids were exhausted. It was also a warm and beautiful day.
The kids had a great time playing with water guns and the sprayer hose after we got home from the games!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Bugs in Our Gut....

My studies have brought me to think about my own health and that of family and friends in a different light. Unfortunately, I can not change some people and everyone wont agree with me. If you talk to me on a regular basis I am sure that you have heard me rave about the benefits of probiotics. Having a proper balance of 'gut flora' can make all the difference in the world. The intestinal tract is the link to the outside world in our bodies, if it isn't strong and healthy then we are more susceptible to disease and illness. I have wanted to write about it for awhile, but today I read a great article on it which I will share instead. I will warn you it is very long, but it is written very well in an easy to understand way. For anyone concerned about your health and well being, I do encourage you to read this article and discuss with your medical provider (especially if you have any medical issues) before taking probiotics. All probiotics are not equal so be sure to make good choices and ask for assistance from an informed source. Here's the link I would love to know what you all think about it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Tonight's dinner was delicious!! I took my own version these Parmesan crisps. Instead of Goddess dressing I used Bolthouse Farms Honey Mustard dressing mixed in the eggs. The kids loved it and there wasn't much left after dinner.

The main course is sliced tofu, browned in a skillet, layered on grilled eggplant slices ( I used the George Forman Grill) and a homemade sauce from fresh and sun dried tomatoes, crushed garlic and chopped fresh basil. It had such a good flavor layered on top of the eggplant and tofu. I got the original idea from The Eat Clean Diet Cookbook it had eggplant with tomato slices, squash sliced(longways) with some sort of grilled chicken. Since I don't eat chicken I thought I would try tofu. Then I decided to make the crisps and so I didn't put the squash on it, and from there I just started making up the sauce. I figured that the kids would eat the eggplant and tofu better with a sauce instead of sliced tomatoes, thus a recipe is born. I have no idea what to call it nor do I know if I can reproduce it ever again.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So what's the deal with Vitamins and all the acronyms?

In going along with my last post asking for opinions from you all about vitamin and mineral informational sheets, I figured I would just jump in and talk about vitamins and minerals a bit.

Seems that there can be lots of confusion about vitamins- what they are and how much of them we need. The general term that we see with RDA, which is recommended dietary allowance. These numbers are derived from EAR's (estimate Average requirements) and are assumed that these numbers will meet the needs of 97% of the population. The are set to help individuals avoid deficiencies in any given nutrient. What about the other 3% of the population that doesn't fall into that category or what if you have other circumstances?

There will be other acronyms that you will see in books or on supplement bottles, AI which is adequate intake meaning that it will meet the needs of most healthy individuals. You will also see UI, mean tolerable upper intake level. UI's were established with the onslaught of enriched and fortified foods that are available on the market as it is too easy to consume too much of a nutrient when eating these foods, especially if you are taking nutritional supplements as well.

ODI's and SONA's Optimum daily intake and Suggested optimal Daily nutritional Allowances These have been set as a way to not only avoid deficiency but to promote optimum health benefits as well. ODI's are set in ranges for men and women and SONA's are set generally in mg's(micrograms) or IU's(international units)

In times when your body is under stress or healing you may need more of certain nutrients than in times of health. Nutrients work much like a symphony, a balance is needed for optimum health. Too much of some nutrients may negate the effects of others. For example, vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium in the small intestine, and decreases it's excretion through the urine. If one is deficient in Vit D despite adequate calcium intake our bodies may not be getting its requirements. Calcium also works with magnesium to be absorbed so adequate intake of magnesium is also necessary; however, to much can inhibit absorption as well. Also,phosphorus can inhibit calcium absorption. Sodas are high in phosphorus, so individuals drinking a lot of soda's may have issues with this. This doesn't mean that we should not have any phosphorus intake, just that a well rounded diet will ensure proper absorption of needed nutrients.

One of the best ways to ensure that we have proper nutrient intake is to eat a large variety of plant based organic(when possible) foods. Look for fresh grown produce as foods lose their nutrient value from storage as well as from cooking. Local is always a great way to go as it is probably as fresh and nutrient dense as it can be. If you still don't think you have adequate intake, consider a quality multivitamin supplement. (talk to your health care provider)

I wish you all the best of health on your journey with good nutrition.


Nutritional Sciences-Michelle McGuire, The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book-Shari Lieberman, Textbook of Natural Medicine, Hawthorn University Lecture

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Opinions please!

Hey all.. I am getting ready to work on a project for school. I have to choose a water soluble and fat soluble vitamin and a mineral and make a informational handout for each.

What I am wondering is, if you were looking for information about vitamins and minerals in a handout. What would attract you to it? What would you want to know about each? Would layout, color, graph or paragraph form be more attractive, or better to understand?

I wont publish your comments if you don't want me to, but I would love your opinions. I would really like to create something that would be helpful and that I can continue to use as I being to work with clients.

Thanks all, Carrie