Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Bugs in Our Gut....

My studies have brought me to think about my own health and that of family and friends in a different light. Unfortunately, I can not change some people and everyone wont agree with me. If you talk to me on a regular basis I am sure that you have heard me rave about the benefits of probiotics. Having a proper balance of 'gut flora' can make all the difference in the world. The intestinal tract is the link to the outside world in our bodies, if it isn't strong and healthy then we are more susceptible to disease and illness. I have wanted to write about it for awhile, but today I read a great article on it which I will share instead. I will warn you it is very long, but it is written very well in an easy to understand way. For anyone concerned about your health and well being, I do encourage you to read this article and discuss with your medical provider (especially if you have any medical issues) before taking probiotics. All probiotics are not equal so be sure to make good choices and ask for assistance from an informed source. Here's the link I would love to know what you all think about it.


The Cooking Lady said...

So funny you should post about this. My husband has been on probiotics for a while now and he loves them.

So many people do not get the gut thing, and truth be told, so many people do not want to make the changes you have to go through in order to 'right' your gut.

So sad for them.

Vanessa said...

I never heard of it and will look at those links.

Vanessa the beginner runner!!! hehe

Mommymeepa said...

I just read your post from 2008. Your amazing. How much weight have you lost? Your before and after pics are incredible. Thanks for always stopping by my blog and telling how inspiring I am, but really you are inspiring to me. Thanks so much. Melissa-mommymeepa