Saturday, April 11, 2009


Tonight's dinner was delicious!! I took my own version these Parmesan crisps. Instead of Goddess dressing I used Bolthouse Farms Honey Mustard dressing mixed in the eggs. The kids loved it and there wasn't much left after dinner.

The main course is sliced tofu, browned in a skillet, layered on grilled eggplant slices ( I used the George Forman Grill) and a homemade sauce from fresh and sun dried tomatoes, crushed garlic and chopped fresh basil. It had such a good flavor layered on top of the eggplant and tofu. I got the original idea from The Eat Clean Diet Cookbook it had eggplant with tomato slices, squash sliced(longways) with some sort of grilled chicken. Since I don't eat chicken I thought I would try tofu. Then I decided to make the crisps and so I didn't put the squash on it, and from there I just started making up the sauce. I figured that the kids would eat the eggplant and tofu better with a sauce instead of sliced tomatoes, thus a recipe is born. I have no idea what to call it nor do I know if I can reproduce it ever again.


Orlando Realtor said...

Sounds really good. You copied the layered recipee that I told you about with the eggplant and chicken.

Permission to Mother said...

Your eggplant sounds like the one I just posted!!!! If I knew you were cooking, I should hve just come to your house.

Who else ou there wants to take cedit for the eggplant?????

fitncrafty said...

Yes Denise you could have come here!
I read your post, that got me thinking about it, then I looked in Eat clean, I adapted from both really.. it was really good on the George Forman grill, no oil necessary there was enough from browning the tofu and the cheese on the zucchini's.

Tammie said...

Oh that looks so yummy! I'm not a huge eggplant fan but cooked certain ways it's really good and yours looks really, really good!!!