Sunday, April 15, 2012

Journey to my Authentic Self

For as long as I can remember I have always believed in being true to myself (I thought) always learning about myself, always growing and not denying what is going on in my life. For the past few months I have been on a journey that is much deeper, more soul searching and even more healing than I ever thought I can imagine. Not only that but I never expected it not from the path I took. I never saw the path to follow coming though I am very grateful for it.

A little history, My sister wrote a few blog posts about buying new clothes and feeling better. Then she started sharing about her joining a program called Dressing Your Truth. I watched her for the past year as she learned how to accessorize, dress and look entirely amazing all the time even in her most comfortable clothing. Watched her feel better and gain confidence in herself. WOW! Well I wanted that too. She's been on this journey for over a year and well I wanted what my sister had.

I have also been looking to go back to work, and thought it would be helpful to get my wardrobe together. To know what to buy and how to go about putting outfits together, so I started to watch some videos on you tube, looking at others transformations and decided I wanted that too. However, I was not ready to make the financial commitment to it. I learned what I could without going through the course (which was a little but not much). Then one day, I got an email it was on sale. huge sale it was my time and I jumped in and bought the course. I haven't looked back for the past several months.

What little did I know was that I was going to discover a LOT more than what to wear. This was no makeover show. This is a complete journey to finding out who you are and dressing to accentuate your truest nature of who you are. I started the fabulous online course learning about Carol Tuttle's program dressing your truth and the 4 types of woman (and men, children etc). I kept identifying with Type 2 woman- soft and subtle. If you have known me for any amount of time you are probably laughing as I have and still do sometimes. That's OK. Deep inside it is the type I identify with most deeply.

Where the most surprise came is that I had no idea,  how much emotions come along with discovering and accepting who I am at the deepest in core of my being. Some days have been down right hard to get through, emotional and drudging up issues from my youth I had no idea existed. Hey, I thought I was going to learn how to dress nice! What's up with that? I didn't know that I was going to have to feel 'pain'. In all reality. I have grown so much inside and out.

There is a great support network surrounded around the program and each of the energy types. I will actually take photos of myself to document the journey. Before I started this program my hair was in a ponytail everyday, I never wore make up, and I most often wore jeans and tshirts, even though I had some great jewelry I never really wore any except my wedding rings. I didn't take the time. I didn't know how to put together anything and I am not even really sure that I it mattered to me all that much.

Most of the ladies and my sister say it takes about a year to really get it and understand and grow. I am amazed after just about 8 weeks how much I have changed already. I feel good, I have more confidence and I find I am a better parent because I understand myself and my kids better. This is all amazing stuff and I feel very grateful for this fabulous opportunity to better myself!

I am still a newbie to this journey but I am looking forward to bettering myself. Not to mention I really can't wait to do some shopping. Even after about 8 weeks I haven't really done that much shopping. I am cautious and careful about the money I have to spend. Some days are harder than others and some times I don't feel like I am do well with the 'dressing' part, however the feedback from the more experienced ladies is good. They call it a signature style and well I don't have one yet... I will let you know when I do.

I would love to chat all about it so check out the link on the side of my blog (the big box that says what's my energy profile) or within the post and let me know what you think. It's a journey I don't think anyone of you will ever regret taking. I know I for one will not.

Here is a recent photo of me since I started DYT.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Old and New Traditions...

Matzoh Ball Soup!
Cheesy Kale Chips
Being that it is Passover I wanted to share a traditional food with my kids. Matzoh Ball Soup seemed to fit the bill. So I set off to make matzoh balls for the first time since I really don't know when. I followed a basic recipe for the matzoh balls that you can find just about anywhere. Two of my 3 kids demolished them leaving nothing in their paths. Child number 3 the picky one took one bite and passed, I have to give him credit for at least trying.
The soup was not made from a recipe, I just sauteed onion, carrot, celery, zucchini and garlic

 with some other seasonings and then poured the
broth in. Not so exciting, but healthy and tasty for sure. On the other hand, I also wanted to try something new. I have heard my sister and others talk about Kale chips for a long time. I have some in the fridge and decided to give it a try. The 'cheesy' sauce is not cheese at all. Here's how I made the sauce:
1 cup of cashews soaked in water for a few hours
1/2 cup nutritional yeast
Juice from one lemon
minced garlic to taste
Blended it in the blender and then mixed with well with the Kale. I baked it in the oven at 200 degrees for a few hours. The site I saw it on said 45 minutes but that wasn't near enough time to make it crunchy. So I kept baking. The family (with exception of picky eater number 3) gobbled up both trays in a matter of minutes. I was happy to give them something crunchy and healthy for them. I will definitely be moving the dehydrator up the wish list for the near future. I do believe that the kale chips will turn out much better in the dehydrator.
I have been really busy with life and the family. I haven't had much time to write nor really have had thoughts about what to write either. I am hoping to do some more writing and fill you all in on what I have been doing and working on at home. Stay tuned~

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just Joined a Locavore Challenge...

My friend Jenny invited me to take a locavore challenge in which she is team captain.  I had some time today and check it out. There a different levels that you can  join in,  to support, and become part of the local eating challenge. When you register you can choose from 3 levels,  Bite Size, Feast Size, or Meal Size. I jumped right in with the meal size challenge. It means doing three challenges from three different areas, here's what the areas are and the challenges I chose:

Cook Grow Eat:

  • Can Or Preserve Summer Foods (done)
  • Shop at a local Farm stand (done and continue to do)
  • Compost kitchen Scraps (done)
  • Grown and Herb Garden (I have an indoor kit I really need to get going)
Join The Movement:
  • Like the NOFA-NY Facebook Page  (done)
  • Blog about the experience (part done)
  • Read a Locavore Book (In Progress)
  • Attend a Locavore event
Take Action:
  • Join Millions against Monsanto (done)
  • Ask your representative to support local Farming
  • Volunteer at a local Farm or community Garden
So there you go. I didn't need anything else to do, but I have already completed some of these actions and intend to do them all before September 30, 2011. If you would like to join the movement you can register here.

Anyone else doing this challenge?

Friday, July 29, 2011

The fruits of Our Labor!

Well aside from the ONE tomato we ate last week, Here is the start of the tomatoes. I had a few with my lunch. They were delicious!  The plants look like a jungle and there is going to be more tomatoes than we know what to do with! Yeah for a healthy harvest!!!

How are your gardens doing?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some things never change....

That would be mostly the age on my scale, mainly because I don't know remember how to adjust it. It still says I am 39 years old. I only feel 25, however I am really turning 43 today.

I woke up to more birthday wishes in my email box, on Facebook and Ukulele Underground than I think I have received in my entire 43 years of my existence! Wow.. Well I can say this, I have been touched and molded by all the people that have come into my life. I know that many of you I haven't seen for years, some of you may see too much of me, and some I only someday hope to meet in person. To all of you. Thank you for being a part of my life!

This year has been full of more challenges than I care to share publicly.  Today I woke up and put in my last pair of new contacts in my stash- hopeful to start this next year with clear eyes and a positive outlook! It's not what we have (or don't have like my lack of air conditioning on this hot day, anyone know a good repairman?) it's who we are, today I strive to be better... So I am going to nourish myself with good food (Thanks Denise for the box of Mangoes) and great people!

Be Great Today!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fantastic Weekend memories...

This weekend I was privileged and blessed to meet a half sister that I only found out about a few years ago! Without going into detail (and honestly it's not that important) It felt so great from the get go, after so much time emailing and more recently talking on the phone it was amazing to meet face to face and have her and her boy friend at our house!

It was so nice to chat and catch up on what seems like a lifetime we missed, however, there were lots of stories, emotions and a definite connection as sisters! We shared lots of good food too! that's when I knew without a doubt we are related!
I took them to the farmers market (Say cheese) and We enjoyed the booths and came home with bags of fresh veggies, natural peanut butters, cheeses etc. Not to mention I found out that one of my favorite shops on Jay was closing, Carol good luck and we can not thank you enough for the incredible moment that you shared with us in your shop. We have been truly blessed by stopping by your shop! Wish you the best and thank you so much for talking to us, I have been touched deeply by you!

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love pickles. So we had to stop by and check out the pickle stand at the market. Delicious and definitely have to go back for more.. her's Alissa and Ariana posing happily at the pickle booth.
After the farmers market we went home, then for a walk around town, we showed Alissa the park near where we live and got out for some fresh air. Just the girls this time. We spent more time chatting and talking and walking. Fun and great memories for sure!

It was fun to get Alissa and Rob into the kitchen with me. We whipped up an absolutely fantastic meal together which was great fun and delicious! I learned some great cooking tips and ideas from Rob too. Love that!

 Here's Rob entertaining the kids with magic card tricks. I am not sure if he had more fun (with a new audience) or if the kids enjoyed it more! Sure was fun!
The kids say that you can come back and play games and do magic tricks anytime!

Before they left this am. We took out Ariana's deck of Yoga Pretzels and had some fun doing some stretching and trying out some partner yoga moves! I enjoyed trying out some new moves and laughing a lot with everyone. As you can see from the next photo, we tried some more challenging moves too.

Fun stuff..

Here we are together. We are missing Zach as he is gone right now at camp. He is doing a Counselor in Training program for Boy Scouts and he did get to meet Alissa and Rob the first night, he was up and out early by the second morning.
Sure hope that there will be more fun weekend visits like this one!
Thanks so much Alissa for coming and making the step to have us as part of our lives. Sisters are a true blessing. Next time I hope Denise will be around, its the only thing that could make it more fun!

It was a great weekend I wont forget for a long time!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4 Hour Body update...

Well I completed the 4 weeks that I committed to the 4 hour body. Truth be told, I wasn't going to do the extreme stuff ice packs and supplements etc.. that he talks about in his book. In all, more than anything I missed fresh fruit especially this time of the year and I am no longer willing to live without it and crave it all week.
So I am going to back to my whole foods diet. What I did learn is that I can do without as much cheese and dairy as I normally eat and that I don't need the carbs.  I also discovered that I love beans even more than I think and they really don't give you gas, they have a bad reputation for it!

So what's up? Just going back to my whole foods diet! That's it! Yummy and the summer fruit is so amazing this time of year!

I just made  three batches of Jam in the past few days with fresh picked strawberries and rhubarb! I love it. Going to give some of it away as gifts!