Monday, July 4, 2011

Fantastic Weekend memories...

This weekend I was privileged and blessed to meet a half sister that I only found out about a few years ago! Without going into detail (and honestly it's not that important) It felt so great from the get go, after so much time emailing and more recently talking on the phone it was amazing to meet face to face and have her and her boy friend at our house!

It was so nice to chat and catch up on what seems like a lifetime we missed, however, there were lots of stories, emotions and a definite connection as sisters! We shared lots of good food too! that's when I knew without a doubt we are related!
I took them to the farmers market (Say cheese) and We enjoyed the booths and came home with bags of fresh veggies, natural peanut butters, cheeses etc. Not to mention I found out that one of my favorite shops on Jay was closing, Carol good luck and we can not thank you enough for the incredible moment that you shared with us in your shop. We have been truly blessed by stopping by your shop! Wish you the best and thank you so much for talking to us, I have been touched deeply by you!

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love pickles. So we had to stop by and check out the pickle stand at the market. Delicious and definitely have to go back for more.. her's Alissa and Ariana posing happily at the pickle booth.
After the farmers market we went home, then for a walk around town, we showed Alissa the park near where we live and got out for some fresh air. Just the girls this time. We spent more time chatting and talking and walking. Fun and great memories for sure!

It was fun to get Alissa and Rob into the kitchen with me. We whipped up an absolutely fantastic meal together which was great fun and delicious! I learned some great cooking tips and ideas from Rob too. Love that!

 Here's Rob entertaining the kids with magic card tricks. I am not sure if he had more fun (with a new audience) or if the kids enjoyed it more! Sure was fun!
The kids say that you can come back and play games and do magic tricks anytime!

Before they left this am. We took out Ariana's deck of Yoga Pretzels and had some fun doing some stretching and trying out some partner yoga moves! I enjoyed trying out some new moves and laughing a lot with everyone. As you can see from the next photo, we tried some more challenging moves too.

Fun stuff..

Here we are together. We are missing Zach as he is gone right now at camp. He is doing a Counselor in Training program for Boy Scouts and he did get to meet Alissa and Rob the first night, he was up and out early by the second morning.
Sure hope that there will be more fun weekend visits like this one!
Thanks so much Alissa for coming and making the step to have us as part of our lives. Sisters are a true blessing. Next time I hope Denise will be around, its the only thing that could make it more fun!

It was a great weekend I wont forget for a long time!


Orlando Realtor said...

I love your post and photos. Besides having a good time together, as sisters should, it looks like you and Alissa planned to dress in the same color in the
1st photo.

I wish I could find out that I have a sister that I never knew about! I would settle for a new brother also.

Ms. M said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun together. I have a half sister & though I've known about her my whole life we've never been able to have a good connection. Hope you guys can keep growing closer. :)