Monday, May 3, 2010

Why Can't You?

So today I was in the grocery store, nothing new with my big hungry family! However, I have never had the cashier say, gee I am so jealous of the healthy organic foods you are buying! I didn't really think they ever noticed or cared, just rang up your stuff and hoped to get you out of there as quick as possible!
Well I thought it was interesting because she said working here and having 4 room-mates makes it impossible to eat healthy? She went on and on, well the truth is, there was a time 100 plus pounds ago I would have had a million excuses why I couldn't eat healthy too... No time, too busy, to expensive you name it, I could have give all the excuses in the world!
Despite the 100 people in line behind you, I asked her as I was walking away to let her help the next customer, Why can't you eat healthy foods?
And now I am asking you, Why can't you eat healthy foods? Really what's your excuse? Let's bust it right now! You deserve to have a healthy life and a fulfilling one too. It starts with nourishing yourself from the inside out.
So let's have it and bust those excuses!


JessicaRose said...

you are so right. I recently thought a similar thing about going to the gym. Feeling guilty about the $$ I would spend to do it. That that $$ took away from my family. But I know me being unhealthy takes away from my family more.

We've been trying to eat better. Right now our problem is really knowing the difference. I feel like we are trying but still failing on that respect.

fitncrafty said...

Did you know that you don't have to spend ANY money on a gym living in Saratoga.. email me and I will give you the details about the YMCA...
No guilt great place!

Thanks for your comments!

TheFitnessFreak said...

I am Raw Vegan while the rest of my family is not. It may be a bit more work here and there but it is SO worth it!

The Cooking Lady said...

I have no excuses, but like you I am making people think about their food choices. I do not have to tell them to eat healthy and here is how I handle any food type situation:

While teaching (volunteering) raw food classes I inform them about the benefits of eating whole foods and adding raw food to their diets(I hate that word)and then I ask them 3 simples questions:

1) Can you pronounce thee ingredients on any given food in your pantry? No is usually thee answer.

2) Would you have those ingredients in your pantry/cupboard? Again, thee answer is usually no.

3) Would your great-grandmother recognize it as real food? Again thee answer is no.

So just by me asking those questions, I have turned it around to them and let them see what is out there, and it does get the wheels turning and I am not coming off as some hoity toity health nut.