Friday, March 12, 2010

The Vision Board- It's done!!!

I have been working on the elements for this vision board for a few months now. It seems that for some reason there is always something getting in the way of the time to spend to even put it together. I am sure that many of you are wondering what the vision board is even for. Ever since 2004 when I started my weight loss journey, goals were very important so I wrote them down in a little notebook (still have it and still write in it sometimes) however, life is challenging and busy at times and it is easy to just not look in it. So the vision board is a way to have your goals, ambitions, and values out in a way that one can see those things that are most important everyday. It is believed that seeing your goals and visualizing yourself (the way you desire to be) helps things happen in your life.
I realize that just looking at this board is not going to make things happen. I still have to get out there and work at my goals! However, being conscious of these things at all times does make it easier when hard choices come to play, when fear sets in or some other obstacle comes into play.
I have found that I am more on track with where I want to be and I am seeing some success happen already since finishing this board. Of course since taking this photo last week. I have already removed a typo, and thought of some things I would like to add as well. I guess it will be forever changing!
what are your goals and how do you see yourself achieving the things that you want from life?


Permission to Mother said...

That is intertesting. It's beautifully done.

Tammy said...

So that's your secret to keeping your goals in sight. = ) Great job! Love the pictures of you on there.

Orlando Realtor said...

It is beautiful, throw your dreams out to the universe, believe they can be fulfilled with a plan and never loose touch of your goals.