Thursday, July 2, 2009

Farmers Market Pie/Quiche

This pie was made out of my imagination since I had bought lots of veggies from the farmers market. First I sauteed zucchini (yellow and green), with onion, garlic, leek, red pepper fresh basil, and broccoli.
I made the crust from cooked brown rice, diced onion, egg and a bit of seasoning. I pressed it into the pie plates and bakes it for a bit. I put a bit of mustard over the rice crust and then added the veggies and eggs with a bit of sharp cheddar on top. Then just baked it until it was firm all the way through.
Yummy.. it tasted especially with how fresh the veggies were .... Sorry this is as close as I get to a recipe on this since I didn't really write anything down.


Jenny said...

Looks yummy!

Permission to Mother said...

Wow, Looks great!

Orlando Realtor said...

If it tasted half as good as it looks it would have to be yummy.

Did you name it? Remember Mrs. Schnepp's chicken? You could call it Mrs. Thompson's farmer's market pie.