Thursday, December 31, 2009

December in Photos

December has been an extremely busy month so I figure it's best to just show lots of photos. Above is Nikolas in the red and gray sweater waiting for his turn to sing in the winter concert with his class.
I couldn't resist this is two of my 'boys' Dasher and Vixen, they are too sweet!
Here's Ariana at the middle school on concert night showing off her artwork! Great Job Ariana I love it!
Here's Ariana on concert night, sporting her first 'high' heels and new outfit. She was so proud and she LOVES to be part of the chorus!
Zach, Nikolas and Ariana building a snow fort in the backyard! They love to play in the snow!
Second night of Hanukkah having a big Latke dinner with family and friends. It was a great night. Thanks all for coming and sharing with us!
Here's my family and I on the first night of Hanukkah. We were fortunate to have mother-in-law here to visit and take the photo of all of us!
A few nights into Hanukkah it was Nikolas' 8Th birthday I can't believe that my baby is 8 years old. He is growing so fast. You can see on the table his very favorite things. Mac and cheese, bionicles and chocolate anything, all by his request!!!
Zach sporting his new guitar, he was very excited! Can you tell? He is almost 14 so what do we expect!!
Nikolas also excited to have his new guitar. Anyone want to come and teach these two lefties of mine how to play!!??
Ariana opening gifts, Look at the look on Nikolas' face, he didn't think he was getting a gift! Oh boy! Then out came the guitars!
Nikolas saying the prayers while Ariana lights the candles. The all love to do it and we have to set up a rotation for them to all get a few turns!
Caught Zachary with his glasses on... hum.. how did I manage that, I barely remember that he has them!
After Hanukkah was over we put up the tree for Christmas and Brian's family to come visit. We also had a great time making gifts for the kids teachers and soon we will be able to relax!
Nikolas laughing about candy that Fl Gramma sent, It's called Toxic Waste. I didn't try it, it smelled disgusting.
Zachary laughing as he was trying to figure out how to get the gift card OUT of the puzzle box!! He loved that and can't wait to try it on one of his friends!
Nikolas loving his new guitar sweatshirt!
Ariana wearing her new vest and showing off her new PJ's. We have had a great and busy month. After years of thinking about it I will be taking my ACE personal trainer certification exam. I hope to find more time to relax and write on the blog in 2010. I will continue working on my master's starting mid January. I am confident it will be a good year!
I am excited to clear the slate and start a new. I love the idea of a fresh start. Continuing to work on goals, and become a better person each year! I hope for all of you. A happy and healthy 2010. Eat your peas, hug your kids and enjoy every day...

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Orlando Realtor said...

Loved the photos....
What ever happened to the "military" haircut on little Zachary? The three kids are getting so big. The photo of the cats is so sweet.