Friday, September 11, 2009

First Few Days of School and the sunflowers

The sunflowers are growing but with the cold weather I don't know they will get much bigger. Nikolas is excite to see these red ones.
Here's another it is really tall hence pretty hard to get a good photo because it's way over my head.
Here's a perspective shot sitting next to the Durango. The tallest ones are probably over 7 ft tall right now.
Second day of school with her new haircut!
Here's Ariana very excited about her tie die skirt which she loves.
Here's another shot of Ariana, she loves to have her photo taken.
Here's Nikolas with his new haircut on the 2ND day of school.
Ariana loves her new converse shoes!
Nikolas and Ariana on the first day of school!


Jenny said...

I am jealous of those sunflowers! Ours were lost after one of the rain storms.

rumah pohonku... said...

ugh...i love sunflower and canvas shoes :)

Angie said...

Cute kids! Looks like they were super happy to be back in school!

The sunflowers are gorgeous!

Orlando Realtor said...

Cute haircuts!