Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nutrition and more for the New Year

2008 is now in the past, and it was definitely a big year in terms of nutrition actually in terms of so much. Late summer of 2007 we made a cross country move, it was tough, it was stressful and well I can say that I just did not want to do it! 2008 was our first year in this new(very old) house, starting over one mored time. It's exhausting emotionally and physically.

The biggest part of my journey began in 2004, I have learned so much grown so much and somehow I always seem to land on my feet no matter how painful it may seem at the time. On the other hand as the old adage goes "What doesn't kill you will make you stronger", on the inside I have the biggest muscles on this side of the continent.

My journey started slowly, mostly by just learning to drink water. I look back and wonder how in the world I could have possibly lost all that weight with what I was eating. Much less and better than before. It's just that looking back it is too funny to me. The biggest thing I have learned is that it is about the journey, there will never be perfection unless I can airbrush myself to the outside world and to myself. Impossible, I am sorry to say.

The truth is I believe today that beauty shines from the inside. Good health, confidence and contentment (I don't say happy because we can't be 'happy' every minute of the day) and being content and at peace with who I am is much better for me. This has taken much work over the past few years, a lot of letting go and soul searching. Am I there ALL the time now, no, I am however there much more than before.

I am out of excuses of why I 'can not' get to my goals, I have to just continue on the journey. It's about making choices and making the right ones. Where does nutrition have to come into all of this. Well it does, for me I can say most things lead to it. I have a stomach ache, it's probably something I ate or didn't eat, headache same thing. Tired, not enough water and perhaps not enough sleep. All in all, I know that I feel better from the inside when I eat better.

How do I know what to eat? Honestly, I keep reading learning and experimenting (with my own body) 4.5 years ago, I didn't even know what hunger felt like. I couldn't stop eating when I was full because I didn't recognize the feeling as full. Some days it felt impossible to trust myself that I was not going to starve to death if I stopped eating or waited to eat. Today I know when I am hungry, I know when I am thirsty and I know when I am lonely. Today it is about a choice I make.

Once I began school in June. I was exposed to even more 'diets' than I thought possible. I have read most diet books on the market from Susan Powter (remember her) to Atkins (funny for a vegetarian), Richard Simmons, French Woman don't get fat, South Beach, Mcdougall and much more. I have experimented with vegan, raw, omnivorous (not recently) etc. What I realize about most of these is that they are all very hard to keep up with long term. All of these plans have positive and negative points; however, I still have interest in what the authors/founders have to say about each one, because I can take positive aspects of each and incorporate them into my lifestyle. Raw food is great for me, but if I miserable trying to eat it all the time, I know I will not shine. Just like anything else, I have to follow my intuition and do what feels good in my own body.

The journey of learning about me, is what it is all about. I have no expectations of myself except to learn what feels good to me and offer to nourish myself and my family in that way. My food choices are different then they were 4 years ago, and even 1 year ago, and they will probably be different this time next year. 2009 is my year to have complete postitive choices, try new recipes, and begin fresh and new. Nothing more nothing less. I strive to be healthier and more energetic this time next year.

A very important aspect along with nutrition for me is exercise. Really they go hand in hand. The muscles store and utilize energy (from food/calories) better with use. So balance is the key. Not to much and not to little. I am looking forward to what the new year will bring and what new things will come into my life.


Chrissy D said...

Girl, I am at the beginning of this journey! I just made it through the holidays without gaining any weight! For me, this is HUGE! I appreciate your friendship, encouragement and your willingness to share your knwledge and journey with us!!!

marie*jolie said...

Good for you! I think you're going to have an awesome New Year!

Jenny said...

We're glad to have you with us at the exercise challenge. You've got a great start to 2009!

crispy said...

I really appreciated your honest thoughts here. And I am incredibly impressed with you and your determination.

May 2009 produce more great things for you.