Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yaktrax and my icy snow shoveling

Several months ago I had written a post here. In light of finally getting back to my running and a brief question to other runners out there about what they do in the winter months when the roads are icy and packed with snow.

Shortly after posting, I got an email from a marketing person for the yaktrax company asking if they sent me a pair of yaktrax would I be willing to post a review on my blog. Well I agreed, and received the pictured yaktrax, along with some socks and other gear. These yaktrax have so patiently waited in the drawer until just the proper snowy moment so I could strap them onto my shoes.

We had an icy snow storm of sorts last night and being as I had to clean up my driveway of all the heavy and icy snow that had accumulated on it. I strapped on the yaktrax and off I went.

First off, the yaktrax were easy to strap onto my winter boots. Please note that these are not meant for wood floors, and no I didn't damage my floors. I was able to strap them on standing up in our entrance/porch type thing. I knew that there was some ice on the front concrete stairs in front of our house; however, with the yaktrax I was able to walk without worry as the grip was great. It wasn't until I got all the snow off the stairs that I was able to see just how much ice was on there. Ditto for the entire driveway and sidewalk (yup, I am so lucky to live in a neighborhood that has them) The snow was heavy and I was able to get good traction with my legs and feet without slipping.

I was able to trot (as I am slow anyway) on the ice without worrying about slipping, although my neighbors much think I am a complete nut job, I continued to test out the abilities of these little spring like grippers. I am confident that if I got myself out there for a real run, I would most definitely be much safer than if I ran in my shoes alone. I was hoping to go at least up and down the street; however after pushing and pulling lifting all that icy snow from my driveway I think I have had my workout for the day. (except maybe a little bowling on the wii with the kids)

I would recommend these for any sole that spends much time in ice and snow in the winter, if you are walking your dog, shoveling the driveway, or training for your next big (or little) race.


Orlando Realtor said...

Good to see that you finally got to try them out. I guess this means that you did get the bad weather again last night.

Stay warm!

Permission to Mother said...

I was about to ask you if you got to try these out. They sound really cool. I bet they come in handy over the winter.

Tammie said...

Hummm those sound cool you will have to be sure to tell us if they are good for running! I just finished watching the spoofs you posted in your last post! Funny stuff my older sister loves "making movies" and we have joked about "fixing" those comercials! Looks like many have beat us to it! Hooray for them it's so great to see that people are becoming informed! Love it!!!!

sistermama said...

I just bought these for myself and a few other people for Christmas - they really work well. I feel much better walking around with my kids when I have them on. QVC actually has the best deal on them, 2 pair for what you normally pay for one.

run4change said...

I sure could have used these for the 2 weeks of inactivity due to snow and ice where I live. We never get much snow and if we do it goes away in a day or two. That sucked. I like those. THanks for the idea.