Thursday, January 15, 2009

Peanut/Soy allergy and more

It looks like our family is about to embark a new and different nutritional journey. My cutie pie Nikolas recently had blood work done and unless the test was completely inaccurate it seems he has some definite food and environmental allergies. Dust Mites being the 'high score' has got me busy washing, cleaning and scrubbing in a different mode than usual. It is easier to say that he is not allergic to 5 molds, kentucky bluegrass, dairy and chocolate than to say what he is allergic/sensitive to. Pretty much everything else tested to have at least a small reaction. YIKES... Peanuts was second to the dust mites and the poor child is going to go into shock when I remove his peanut butter.(already searching for an alternative nut butter)

Until we have further information, I would love for you all to share any and all resources that you might have so that I can go into the allergist 'armed' with all the information I can shove into my brain in the next two weeks. My preference is to improve this through nutrition and keeping the house extra clean (even the dusty basement)Perhaps until he goes back to the Dr. I will do my best to keep food logs and such and document how his rash is doing to also bring it to his appointment. Yes I am proactive and will not let any stones go unturned. Especially if there is something that Iwe can do about it.


run4change said...

I thank God I am not allergic to PB. Wait a minute, maybe it would be a good thing for me :). I love it and have to have my wife hide it from me or I will eat the heck out of it and gain my 130 lbs back. HAHA

Tammie said...

Almond butter is pretty tasty! I have found that good nutrition and no over exposure to the allergens for a time can really help with allergies. Also ELIMINATING dairy and chocolate ;) for a while and then not overdoing after that even when they are not the offender seems to help. I think if the body is healthy and immune system working properly it learns to not over react to the allergens making them no longer allergens! I like using an Dr. Christopher Immunecalmant herbal formula for allergies. It helps calm and streangthen the immune system at the same time! At least that has been my experience. My husband used to be allergic to nearly everything it seemed. Now unless he is litterally playing in the weeds he hardly has any problems.