Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Help me Brainstorm....

Hi all.. I am currently brainstorming ideas for my research thesis for my Master's Degree. You are all such a great source of information and I know that those of you that come to my blog and read regularly are either my Mom or a fan of learning to eat healthy or eating healthy. So of course and as usual I love to come to you all for ideas.

So tell me what you would you love to read more research about in the field of nutrition. Remember this is a brainstorm so no idea is too big or small.... Let's hear it!!

Also, I am in need of a volunteer to fill out and food and liquid activity form for me (for a current project due in a few weeks) One day is all I am asking. I can send it to you in word or pdf format. Any takers.... Please?


Permission to Mother said...

Sorry I haven't helped you brainsorm. I hope someone else sent you a private response with good ideas.

Tammie said...

Hummm I always like reading about so many things like why sweden drinks more milk then any other nation in the world and also has the highest rate of osteoperosis. (sp?) I love stats like that! I think a great reasearch would be all those energy drinks out there and the great harm they are doing to our children! I have heard that some companies have even been able to put in alcohol and as long as it is less then so much per serving they don't have to put it on the lable. I think it could make for a very interesting thesis!

Swine flu vaccines and all the scary stuff about that could be interesting.

How thinking postitive and not letting ourselves be so bombarded with the negative and the role it plays in health would be cool too.

Those would all be good I'm sure whatever you come up with will be lots of fun to read!