Friday, May 1, 2009

Interesting and Surprising Project part 1

I just finished a project for school, actually a few, but this one in particular was quite an eye opener for me!
Here's the deal. I had to enter everything I ate for one day into the nutritional software I have, and analyze ALL of my vitamin and mineral intake for an entire day.

When I configured my charts (anyone that did the nutritional study may remember the detail) I was surprised and a bit astonished about the results! Many of you know that I eat A LOT of fruits and veggies tons in the matter of fact! I love them. I eat very little processed food and when I do I am very choosy about what will buy! No refined flour, sugar etc. Anyhow, some nutrients I was completely deficient in, meaning NONE, some were very low and some were SO high they were beyond the UL's (upper limit) set by the USDA.

It really got me thinking about some things, for one, with all the whole foods I eat how in the world do I really get all my nutrients if I have to eat even MORE than I do to get them. ?
Is one day really a good representation of how well rounded my diet is? I am going to experiment with this and will report again later.
If I eat 'healthy' are people that eat fast food, processed foods, and refined foods on a daily or weekly basis getting any nutrients? Do we really wonder why there is so much chronic disease in our country?

With all I am learning, I am so much more aware of the big picture. The facts are right there for me to see, and it is proof positive that no matter how 'healthy' we truly think we eat there is always room for improvement. Always!

With this said, I have some work to do, for one, I am going to enter my food in the nutritional analysis software for at least a week, then I am going to look at each day individually and as a whole to see the differences in the analysis each day and the whole week.
If anyone else is curious to look at your own dietary intake, let me know. I can send you links and information to play with me. It does take effort to enter all your foods... but I am game to not play alone!

This isn't really where I thought I was going with this, but hey, it is important to prevent illness and promote optimal health to really be aware of what we are eating. I do take some supplements multivitamins and B12 (since I am a vegetarian) and I am relieved that even though I eat healthy I continue to take them.
Stay tuned for more information and followup in the next few weeks.... My brain is thinking!


Permission to Mother said...

Very good post.

This brings us to two points. It is important to rotate your food. I imagine after a week, you'll get a better idea.

and YES people who eat fast food, refined food, etc... are chronically undernourished.

Tammie said...

What a great post! It's funny I think about how healthy I try to eat and how I know I can always do better. So how about those people who don't even try?!?!? I have to tell myself I must be so much better off then they are but oh I have much room for improvement! It would be fun to track my nutrients. Send me the link It would be interesting to see where I am lacking.

Jenny said...

Always something to learn over here! I know I definately need to switch up my breakfast and lunch menu.
I nominated you for the lemonade stand blog award. Thanks for your inspiration!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

The amazing thing about our bodies nutritionally is that you don't have to get it all in one day. Even parts that make up complex proteins can be eaten over a period of 4 or 5 days apart and you will still get the benefit of that complete protein. Our bodies are truly amazing!

Great post. :)


Orlando Realtor said...

Wow, great info, really interesting. How did I miss this post from several days ago. I must have been busy and/or side-tracked.

Thanks for the nomination for the lemonade stand blog award. Now this "old technology under achiever" will have to learn what to do with it. LOL!

Stephanie said...

Hi Carrie! Would you send the link to me? I try to eat healthy, but there's always room for improvement. On a side note, have you studied dietary changes for kids with adhd? We have a doc appt for Sid next week and I don't want to give her drugs. I don't think it's necessary in her case. I've read about vitamin supplements and dietary changes that help, and I'd like your opinion on that. Thanks!