Friday, June 19, 2009

Back to my old ways.. Running off with the Band!!!

Imagine my surprise when I got home from grocery shopping and saw all the kids gathered 'round Axel Rose.(they didn't know he was real,they thought he was just from video games, surprise!) So I decided that after a really tough year, full of stress and such I am just running off with the band to be a roadie.(no groupie for Axel). Off I go. No more worrying about kids, school, gardens etc... Did you really think I was running off? Ha.. Actually this is one of my friends and she dressed like this to surprise her 5Th grade daughter at her luncheon (celebration for moving up to middle school). One of the Dad's dressed like Slash... The kids said they had a great time and really enjoyed themselves. I bet you believe that too huh?
Well I suppose that if you don't see me for a while and I don't answer my phone, you can only wonder if I am off with the band!

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