Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nikolas' Sunflower Patch

No... this isn't Nikolas' sunflower patch.. it's going to be my garden. The plants are still growing in pots. Yes I know I have to get them into the ground, I worked a few hours getting the rest of the weeds out and it's ready today. Just that it rained. Here's Nikolas planting his seeds. He has been asking to grow sunflowers for a few years. I told him that he had to get out there and do it. Finally he has, I will keep an update on the progress.
He was so sweet to let Ariana help. She wasn't allowed to dig thou. I am sure she wouldn't want to either! Here is Ariana showing off the seed package. We planted these in the backyard, they are supposed to get up to 12 ft tall! Holy cow! The ones we planted on the side are supposed to get to about 6 ft. I think that's tall. We will see.
Happy planting... and eat your veggies!


crispy said...

I love watching sunflowers grow. Hope they don't over take the yard.

Tammie said...

Fun, Fun, Fun!!