Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am devistated!!!

Monday evening we were struck with a hail storm, about the size of a marble shooter it did caused some havoc in my yard.
Not only did it bring down limbs, and make it mess, it destroyed my garden that I have worked hours preparing and nurturing my little plants so we would have some yummy organic veggies and fruits to eat this summer.
You can see that a short little hail storm left nothing. I have been peaking outside hoping that my young plants would perk up. I haven't got the heart to photograph the damage. Now I know how Pa Ingalls felt when his crop was destroyed by at a terrible storm. Now to decide do I buy plants at Sunday's farmers market, or hope that some of these plants will recover?
Regardless of what happens out in the yard, the band plays on!!


Permission to Mother said...

How painful to see all the work and planning you've put in to this destroyed. Especially in contrast to the the green photos in the post below.

Yes, get the new plants.

Jenny said...

We were hit pretty hard too. You still have time to plant but I know first hand the disappointment from a garden disaster!

Tammie said...

Oh dang I know what that's like! I had my garden destroyed more then once by frost! It can be so depressing all that hard work! I hope you will still see some benefits!

Red said...

I am feeling your pain sweety. We have the opposite here. We are too hot and the plants are dying with no explanation.

Let's wish each other luck.