Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fort Ticonderoga... Cub Scout Trip

We went to Ft Ticonderoga today. It was amazing on the cliff at the edge of the fort. The cannons went on forever. It was almost unbelievable. The only wildlife we saw all day! He looked like a chenille stem (aka pipe cleaner) Some of the flags flying over the fort walls... Inside the fort, there was a lot of memorabilia inside each of the buildings. Nikolas LOVED climbing on all the canons.
Zach and Nikolas are helping to make a mud mortar with hay to help build a chimney for the bunk house. It was a replica of authentic buildings used during the revolutionary war. Called soldiers huts, 6 men, 4 beds, 2 soldiers were always on watch through the night. Here Ariana learns about dipping bees wax candles over an open fire. Nikolas loved the forge. We were there for a LONG time. The men were very helpful and the kids really enjoyed watching them mold bullets and lead balls for the bullets. Plus some tools. Here's some beautiful fall scenery, this is off the cliff/wall of the fort. It's hard to believe that so many battles were fought here and that it was ever a war ground. Some more fall scenery, it was just beautiful today. I had a really hard time deciding which photos to upload. It was great to have a trip for Nikolas as he has waited SO long for the trip/function to be for him and his troop!


Permission to Mother said...

Beautiful Scenery! It looks like fun.

Orlando Realtor said...

Look at the color onl the trees.

CAPT GWK said...

We were there with Den 11, Pack 24 from Guilderland, NY. Your photos were great about the fort, but there were also a nimber of other wonderful events going on during the day: the catapult competition, which was good and will be better next year; the rock climbing wall, and the beautiful bald eagle that flew right over the scouts on the field at about 10:15 AM. Also a great sale on camping and scouting gear.

This event is definitely something we will participate year after year. And you cannot beat the beauty of the first weekend in October at Ti!

fitncrafty said...

Capt GWK
Thank you for your kind comments. We had a great time out there. Unfortunately, as a new tiger Mom, I did not know about the catapult contest, hence we had no catapult. There we not many from our pack, so we really ventured around as a family.
The other activities looked great, although we didn't much participate as the lines were long when we walked out to that area.
Blogger didn't allow me to post more photos to this one blog post so I had to stop although I took at least 100 shots..
We did have a fantastic day!

Tammie said...

Oh that is so cool! We read "Guns for General Washington" with the kids a few years ago. How cool it would be to go there!!!! So glad you shared can't wait to show my kids!