Monday, October 20, 2008

Just Catching Up!

Here's my new 'Do.... I needed to get something done. Nothing is worse than moving and not having a hairdresser. I finally found one! Hurray... it's not the best photo, but you know, if you don't get it when the hairdresser does it it never looks the same! Ariana posing with a pyramid of 16 pound cannon balls! This was in front of a museum in Middleburg, NY. The building that houses the museum is the church that was in the fort walls. The artifacts were amazing. Swords, household tools, kitchen tools etc. There was a pair if knitted socks and I was amazed with it because they must have knitted them with toothpicks! I wish I could have taken photos but it was not allowed inside. They had the oldest 'firetruck' in the country and what a long way technology has brought us! Nikolas posing on the cannon.... What is it with boys and big guns??? We don't even have any at home. It's not our thing. This bridge was rebuilt in the early 80's however, is a duplicate of the original bridge. It was remarkable. I took this photo from that wooden bridge, I zoomed in quite a lot. That house was so beautiful. I have really loved learning about all the history in NY. Where we lived there are historical markers all over the place. Many people have them in their yards, it's hard to read as you drive by, but all history is so interesting. My kids are loving it too. It was great to get out as a family and do something together. We actually found this museum because we drove to this town last weekend when we picked potatoes. (the post is here)After visiting the museum we went back to the farm and gratefully filled a flat bed cart with produce. Lots of different squashes (I have never had) lots of onions and apples and more apples, and pears. Yummy!!!! I figured you all would rather see the photos of what my family is doing rather then hearing about my classwork right now. Transit times (digestion) is not really the exciting thing to discuss on my blog (especially my own). It's definitely been an eye opener for sure!


Permission to Mother said...

Your hair looks great. Mine shines when I leave the hair dresser.
Transit times, sounds like it could be hilarious.

crispy said...

Your hair looks beautiful. I love how silky mine is after the hairdresser does it.

And I do love the fall pictures.

Angie said...

Oooo ... your hair looks GREAT! I'm in serious need of one too!