Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I have got to get this off my chest

As some of you know, weight loss is a very important topic in my life. Thus I enjoy watching the biggest loser and seeing the amazing transformations of people gaining confidence and ability in themselves. So when I was watching last night, for the first time in all the years BL has been on the air, I was utterly disappointed in what I saw.

If you saw it please bear with me, and if not, I will explain. Each week the contestants are given a challenge, and the first one came in the form of a big advertisement for a book. The book Eat This Not That, and it's author was 'advertised' on the show. Then the contestants played a little game, blue team against black team. The host and author showed two plates of food and then the contestant had to decide if they should eat this or that. (the book just shows photos and says eath this not that) I was crawling out of my skin looking at the options. One choice was between Chicken enchiladas with the works or 18 light beers! Each had just about a whole days calories and NO absolutely NO nutrition. I was appalled.

This book is a best seller, in the matter of fact he has two Eat This Not That books now. I have looked at them in the stores to see what the hypen was about and never even considered purchasing it. I am completely disappointed in the fact that NONE of the options put on the table were nutritionally sound, there was barely a vegetable on the table (with exception of a green salad and a Caesar salad) nor fruit. Shouldn't' these people be promoting something else, like NOT eating in fast food joints. One 1100 calorie meal is not what one should eat EVER! imagine how much fresh produce, even beans and nuts, you would have to eat in one meal to equal that amount of calories!

Would love to hear anyone Else's thoughts on the matter. I hope not to offend, however to get healthy and lose weight one much decide to give up these foods completely unless they want to lose the weight and gain it right back. Permant changes to fresh foods is imperative for successful weight loss/balance.


Permission to Mother said...

This reminds me of people who think they are doing everything they possibly can to lose weight and wonder why they can't.

I ask them:

Do you eat raw green's everyday? No
Do you eat sprouts and live food?
Do you use sugar? Never
Do you eat boxed food? Yes (Well, than you are eating suger!!!)
Do you eat salad and fresh fruit everyday? (Everyone says yes)

It takes persistence over time and a huge change in eating habits. Its books and shows like this that make people think they have done everything possibly to lose weight.

Anonymous said...

That is terrible!

Your blog looks so pretty by the way!

fitncrafty said...

D- This was such a huge dissappointment to me because I really haven't found anything on this show to be so harmful before.

Rockstar's Wife-yes it's terrible, and thanks for the compliments on my blog... I am learning!

Tammie said...

Oh I hear you. People look at me funny and very unbelieving sometimes while asking, "You don't EVER eat that?" I think they think one of two things, I'm either a lyer or I have amazing will power. Really it's niether once you get all that junk "food" out of your system you really don't crave it. And when you are trying to focus on all the many good whole foods who has time to eat that other stuff!

Christy ~ Munch75 said...

I agree, this wasn't right, especially for this show and it being such a popular one at that (I've watched a few episodes). You'd think they would take this opprotunity to educate the viewers more. I think they're trying to show 'regular' people how to make "better" choices, granted, not the best, but the better of two evils. Shrug.

And I have to smile at Dr P's comment ... I don't think I've ever had this conversation with her, but I also don't go in saying "Help, I've done everything to lose weight". I am this size because I don't eat the right things. I know why. I'm not lying to myself or anyone else. Ok, I'll shut up now. :)

I will say that I've learned more about organic foods and healthier foods in general since I got pregnant. Especially through Dr. P, my LLL friends and my brother/sister in law. Which I am very grateful for ... and am working to make better choices for my son. I don't want him to deal with this yucky fat issue like I have my entire life.

Permission to Mother said...

Clarification- I have never seen this show before. I was referring more to all the misperceptions in general about weight loss and not specifically about the show.

The Cooking Lady said...

Write a letter. If you are that wound up, then let them know.

I recently got active when a book came home from the library had some explicit suggestive sex scenes, that children could see upon checking these books out. I got active and filled out a complaint letter.

In the same day I called thee non-emergency police about early voters parking illegally in the library parking lot. I was a lady on a mission.

Now I understand when people say, write your congressman. If you don't let people know how you feel, change will never take place.

And I think those choices were deplorable. Pffft!

Orlando Realtor said...

We talked about this and I still think it is important that you voice your opinion to the writers and producers of the show Biggest Loser.

You are correct in your comments, and if nothing more comes of it you will feel better.