Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Humor Me: The Ultimate in Multitasking!

I just cannot get over this latest gadget on the market. These lovely utensils sport a 1.5 lb weight as a handle! As a newly certified personal trainer, I can not say that I will be recommending them anytime soon. However I just can stop thinking about these funny gadgets!
Can you really burn calories and build muscle by eating with weighted utensils? Stay back when I am doing my P90X because a girl working out while wielding a knife and fork could be a really dangerous thing! Can you imagine doing the bicep curls and scooping up a bite to eat every rep?
And worst of all, where's the spoon? It just might make it all worthwhile if there was a spoon, so I could burn a few extra calories while eating dessert!!!
Have a great day my friends, and please be careful if you choose to eat and exercise at the same time!!

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