Monday, February 1, 2010

Just My Luck!

I am home today with a sick child. So I cancelled my run with my buddy, I was so looking forward to it after a long and busy weekend. Then, I stick in the DVD that came with my new medicine ball that I picked up, guess what? Something is wrong with it, so I call customer service they are sending a new one; however it just didn't help that I had to figure out what I was going to do instead of that workout.
In the process of getting set up to do some sort of exercise, the orthodontist's office calls, the request for approval for my son to have oral surgery is both denied first by our dental insurance and then by our medical. UGH! She is going to make some calls and see what she can find out.

OK what next? I get in my workout and then a shower, I bring my adorable and snotty nose 8 year old upstairs for a lesson on how to use the neti pot. Well that really didn't go over so well, but we got through it. Nice thing, I can't hear him breathing right now. It cleaned him out! Oh please let him feel better and go back to school tomorrow for we have no groceries in the house and I was supposed to go shopping today. I made the menu and list last night and it appears that I will be in the grocery store tonight after my husband comes home from class, and the kids come home from Odyssey of the Mind practice and Scouts. That would be about 9pm. Not so excited!

How much more can a girl take? Well one good thing, my new iPod is finally full of music. So I came downstairs and made lunch for the boy and myself. I sit down and the computer tells me I have a new email! A bright spot yes!!! Perhaps the bad luck has finally run out for real! I won blog candy from The Fitness Freak. Check out her site, she has great healthy living tips, exercise, recipes and motivation! I am so excited to get a copy of Tosca Reno's New book The Eat Clean Diet Recharged! I love that her books are SO focused on whole foods, and even as a vegetarian she has lots of recipes that are vegetarian or that I can adapt! SO hurray for some good luck in my life!!!

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Permission to Mother said...

I am enjoying the Fittness Freak's blog. I am glad you won so I could find her blog.