Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!!!!

YES!! I can not express my excitement more than finding these crocus' in my yard!! I love them and purple is my favorite color. I love what they symbolize, the coming of spring! I am counting the days and watching the thermometer go up. I can't wait to garden, and I can't wait for the fresh tasty produce that is coming.

These poor flowers are in the strangest location in my yard I would have never known that they were here but we found them today cleaning up the limbs that feel from the trees over the winter! It is delightful. I hope to get some bulbs in the ground where we can actually enjoy them next year!!! Enjoy all what a beautiful sight!!!!


Jenny said...

Yeah! The colors are coming back to our neighborhoods. It's so exciting!

Tammie said...

Oh how fun! I too can't wait for Spring, being outdoors, gardening, picnics and the flowers are so pretty!

Orlando Realtor said...

A purple Crocus appears like is an omen.