Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mom of a Teenager!!!!

Yikes, it happened. I am a bit late in post this, but yes I became the Mom of a teenager. It's official Zach turned 13!!! Where does the time go? Seems just yesterday I was in high school and how did I become the mom of three kids!!! This photo symbolizes the onset of a new era, as Zach blew out the candles he must have sucked in a new attitude too! Maybe it's my fault because we didn't have enough birthday candles so I put Hanukkah candles on his birthday cake! (Don't tell he's not the first one to get them, up cycling you know)

On a serious note, Zach is a great kid. Smart as they come, lucky in that it all comes very easy to him. Photographic memory and all. He is caring and kind to others (siblings don't count) and we are lucky that he stays out of trouble. He loves his fencing, and is a boy scout working on advancements. We love him all the same. I am grateful that he is focused on school and activities and that girls haven't ventured into the mix yet!

Last weekend Zach's school team participated in The Science Olympiad (Olympics for geeks) the team was amazing, and came in 4Th place overall. There are about 15 areas of competition and Zach participated in three. Each event has a team of two kids. Zach first event was sumo bots, the bot is pictured above, the boys came if 1st place, thus they came home with a gold medal!!! Way to go!!!!! Next event was car of tomorrow, a very raw looking car, built under the premise of mag lev trains, he and his partner took 2ND place there! His last event was science crime busters, a written test, and they took 7Th in that competition! It was a lot of hard work building up to the event, and in the end the pay off was big. The kids had a great time and came home with lots of experience and excitement for next year! Hardwork does have it's payoff!


Permission to Mother said...

Congratulations to Zach in all his accomplishments! I'm a proud Aunt of a teenager. :)

Orlando Realtor said...

A Teenager, ugh....
From one mom to another, the worst is yet to come! But I hope I am wrong.