Thursday, March 19, 2009

More clean eating... with The Eat Clean Diet

I have recently came across a series of books called The Eat Clean Diet. Tosca Reno the author has quite a few books now, Eat Clean Diet, Eat Clean Diet Cookbook, The Eat Clean Diet for families and kids you get the idea. These books are not vegetarian by any means but have a great variety of recipes and great nutritional information in the original book and great tips. She is one that has lost a lot of weight and I so admire that especially when you become a swimsuit model. (I know that is not in my future, unless I am portraying an alien with road maps for a stomach, nonetheless my health feels great)

I have tried several of her recipes and they have turned out great so far. The tomato soup I have made a few times and is not just tomatoes, but celery, carrots, sweet potato, basil, oregano and once you put it all through the blender yum.....

So last night I made the healthful mac and cheese, I made everyone leave the kitchen because I knew if they saw what went in it they wouldn't even try it. Starts out the night before, by straining plain, non sweetened yogurt with a cheese cloth (over a bowl of course) I was amazed at how thick it came out. Mashed sweet potato, olive oil, a bit of flour and a bit of Parmesan and seasonings. The kids loved it! Even my son that refuses to eat sweet potatoes or yogurt!! It went in 3 of 4 lunch boxes today so I guess it was a hit! Served of course over whole wheat noodles..

I wish I had a photo as it was definitely worth one but it just disappeared to quickly! And I doubled the recipe! check it out for yourself. She even has some recipes on her website, linked above. I love when I make something new and everyone in the house loves it!!!

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Permission to Mother said...

I made Tam's Vegan Mac and Cheese twice. I told the boys it was "just a sauce I made." I knew if I told them it was M & C, it wouldn't have tasted as good. They would have different expectations.

That soup sounds really good.

Angie said...

I love Tosca! She has a blog, too ...

It's tough cooking her recipes over here since we don't have a lot of the ingredients.