Friday, August 15, 2008

I can't believe that I am Writing again!!

Well you see, I have been writing all day. No not for fun. Writing for school. I am taking Applied Research Skills and I wont say that I am enjoying these first two assignments so much. I have finally finished the VERY rough draft of my first report. It's dry and boring! I will go back tomorrow and rewrite and edit a bit. I am just so tired of reading the debate about fluoridation! Four more assignments to go! I am putting a lot of pressure on myself, to get my work done, before my sister's Jet plane lands on my turf!! (not a personal one) Girls just want to have fun, and I can't wait to see my sister and her boys! My kids are so excited they are planning everything they want to play, do, say etc..... to make sure that they get it all in. I am excited to have someone that share's my desire to eat whole healthy meals! I am already in planning stage.... I do love to cook... I have some great results for my sugar study! I am gearing up to start compiling data and writing the report for that. I can't tell you all how much I appreciate all your help. Your notes were fantastic and I can not express how pleased I am that so many of you learned some things for yourself along the way. It is so amazing that nutrition can take us in directions that we didn't know existed. I realize each day that there is so much more I can do for my health.... THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For the rest of tonight, I am going to put away my school work and just relax. I am hoping to head out for a run in the morning, as I haven't been able to run or even walk much lately, it's been raining almost daily! Oh, one more thing. I have about a gazillion cucumbers growing in my yard! I cant believe it. They are so cute and little right now... Little prickly things. I love cucumbers! I grew them from itty bitty organic seeds and it's the first vegetable besides tomatoes in a pot and few strawberries I got off a plant a few years ago.. My neighbors are smiling as they know that I can not eat those all by myself!! hurray!! I will spread the joy!!!


Angie said...

What a bummer you're not my neighbor!! What I wouldn't give for some nice, crisp veggies about now!! **SIGH***

Oh well ... enjoy yourself and the run!! It's a good stress reliever and thought provoker all at the same time! :)

Good luck on your paper!

Red said...

I would so help you deplete your surplus. I love cucumbers. did I mention love!!