Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tooting Her Own Horn.... I mean Cast!

Well here is Ariana being her usual jokester self! Her cast is off, and now it's a horn, planter(yes she wants to put seeds in it to grow in our yard!) and the best one a whacker! She is VERY happy to have the cast off, even though her skin is dry and her arm is stiff. She still(since yesterday) hasn't extended it or bent it beyond the angle it was in the cast, however she is slowly getting mobility! She really has been a trooper. This has sure been an experience for all of us. Ariana is happy and is working hard to get the kinks out. Her goal is to have mobility before her cousins come! She wants to take them swimming at the lake!


Permission to Mother said...

I like the horn-thing!


Orlando Realtor said...

Congrats Ariana!

Don't let anything stop you.

Chrissy D said...

Oh how cute! I am glad she is doing better!

The Cooking Lady said...

You know I am going to jinx myself by posting this, but I did dislocate my knee 2&1/2 years ago so that should coint for something.

I have never broke a bone or had stitches...yup, I swear! So kidos to those kids who have to endure the pain of broken bones. Love that pink!!