Saturday, August 9, 2008

SO good to be home!!!

My family and I traveled yesterday to my husbands home town.. Today was their annual family reunion. I can't say that there was any Reunion for me. I have barely ever met any of the people there. It was more like, hey at 15 years it's about time you meet some of these people! Anyhow, it was fun, and my kids had a blast and really that makes it all worth while. The traveling is hard, I really don't like being in the car that long. (3 1/2 hours each way) However, I went to a farmers market this morning with my sister in law.. I learned so much about produce and met a LOT of produce I never knew existed.... I bought purple peppers, and I can't wait to try them. I LOVE PURPLE! so how could I resist! I also bought green beans that looked out of this world, red potatoes, the most yummiest blueberries... cucumbers, corn, tomatoes that smell out of this world and are bigger than my kids head! Then I couldn't resist the dragon tongue beans.. they are white with purple(imagine that) streaks in them. I SO can't wait to steam some up. I tried one raw and it was good. All this for about 10 bucks! wow... I really wanted to buy more stuff but I knew I couldn't fit it all in the fridge when I got home so I had to refrain... So sad for me! I wish that I could have gotten to my camera. It was SO buried underneath all the bags and stuff we dragged along, or I would have taken photos of the farm by my husbands folks house.. One would think that it was a botanical garden and not a farm. There is not a weed ANYWHERE, I looked in these gardens, they are more like professional landscapes than vegetables... I could just stare at it all day. I am thrilled for my kids to really see where the food they eat comes from REALLY, and to understand this is why I want you to wash it before you eat it, even if it is organic!!! Birds and bugs, will still poop on organics!(sorry probably more info than you wanted to know) I look forward to having more produce growing next year. I have cucumber plants going wild and will probably soon have more cukes than I know what to do with. Next year there will be OH so much more growing out and about my house! Oh and baby basil is getting so close to being pesto... I lost most of my tomato plant due to the horrible storms.. I will post some photos soon.... Enjoy the rest of the weekend all!


Permission to Mother said...

When the kids have fun, it does help make something fun for me too!

Angie said...

I'm hungry now! :)
I wish we could find food around here for CHEAP!
Speaking of purple, I wish I could send you the purple sweet potatoes grown here. They're AWESOME!

fitncrafty said...

I love purple potatoes.. I can get the fingerlings here and they are in them.. they have a great taste and texture!