Monday, September 1, 2008

Going Green..... In The Blender That Is!

Last night while Denise and I were eating dinner (at the B&B) we were talking about green smoothies and why we are making them. Some people just say that they would rather just eat their salad. However, it seems by making your greens into a smoothie it seems that you would be able to pack more nutrition into your daily intake. We were also wondering how far would the bowl of salad go in the blender. I have a crummy blender, so we weren't sure that it would all blend up; however, below is the results. First we put in, flax, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, carrot, and sugar snap peas. This is what it looked like while it was blending. Then added a lot of fruits to it to make it sweeter without adding extra sugars. So we added, an apple, mango, strawberries, and blueberries.
This finished product actually turned brown. not so appealing, however it tasted pretty good. Some of the kids drank a small bit. I will say that it is very filling and energizing to start your day this way. I have made smoothies before, but I am really new to green ones. Without the addition of the fruit there would have only been enough smoothie for one. So it did show that you can really pack in high nutrients this way, obtaining more quality nutrition, there is no way that I could have eaten that entire salad, it was definitely salad for 2.


Kristen's Raw said...

Green smoothies can be soooo delicious (where kids love them, too).

It can take some experimenting once you venture out of the typical "spinach/banana or kale/ mango" routine. It's fun though, and you're right, you'll get much more nutrition with smoothies because:

1) more greens and produce than you'd eat in a sitting

2) it's blended which facilitates digestion (much better than chewing a salad).

Cheers to your health,

Permission to Mother said...

That looks like a salad for 10! I still have spinach coming out of my ears!

The brown smoothies look browner than they really were...

Tam said...

Got to love those green smoothies! I really like them because my picky kids that are not big on eating lot of salad will down a green smoothie and ask for more. A great way to know everyone is getting their greens!