Monday, September 8, 2008

You Really Are What You Eat!

I was gearing up for my next class, thinking about food(of course) and started wondering, how many of us actually know 'why' we eat. I mean, sure we are hungry, but isn't there much more to the whole process of eating then just we are hungry? To some we eat because we are sad, lonely, bored, upset, happy, and/or celebrating. Really where does all this get us? Usually it leads to obesity, undernutrition, overnutrition, tired, bored, guilty and the list goes on. How(as a society) do we begin to slow ourselves down. Find some gratitude for the bountiful foods in which we are blessed.

Whole foods are an amazing gift, directly from nature(G-d, the universe) or whatever you may call it in your personal life. I have been reveling in my cucumbers and the amazing power of their creation everyday. Each time I get poked by the plants runner, or the cucumber itself. I can't believe what an amazing canopy the leaves give the fruit and the little 'prickers' really do protect the plant so well. The design is amazing, sometimes you really have to work to find a cuke even though you just saw it yesterday! (perhaps the neighbor ran off with it)

Really we are supposed to eat for nutrition, health and to maintain vitality/energy. What is energy? Well it's a calorie! So when people are talking about cutting calories, they are talking about cutting out energy, do they have enough energy stored(in their fat cells) to afford cutting out energy and is the energy/calories we are eating quality. Too bad it is just not that simple, yes eat, and get calories, however, our bodies need a myriad of different nutrients to function and stay healthy thus a wide variety of foods. Also, our bodies, lose energy and health if we eat the wrong things and in our society it is just beyond easy to do. Every corner has a junk food restaurant, or a convenience store. Don't be deceived by your local health food store, some of the food in there isn't good for you either.

Our best bet is to eat most(not all) of our diets from whole food sources. I am referring to as close to it's natural state as possible! Orange Ice Pops don't count as a fruit! So where do you get this fruit from? Personally, I like the local farm stands and farmers market for most of my produce. I like to talk to the farmer, and know how they grow their food. Trust me, if you have not tried to eat local, in season produce you are in for such a treat! Do you think that cavemen ate strawberries in the dead of winter? No of course not. I know it is impossible to eat entirely from local sources if you live in some places that farming is not available, however we can preserve local grown produce by canning, drying and freezing. (and no I don't do it all myself, yet!) Each season I am learning new things. This year I stepped outside of growing herbs and grew tomatoes and cucumbers, next year I will conquer a much bigger garden!

I love to ask children where their food comes from! Most children say the grocery store, if you ask were does the grocery store get it, most will say from the delivery truck~ What does this say about our society? It is really time to slow down, do we really have to be running with our family everyday of the week? With a family with 3 children we are busy, however, we make a strong point to cook a healthy, homemade meal from scratch most nights! (Not just when we have guests).

I have personally been making a strong effort to get in my fruit and vegetable servings every day... I have been serving my kids (and myself) fresh juice and smoothies (no sugar or additives here) everyday. I love that my daughter (8yrs) is begging me to make her green smoothies (yes there is fruit in them)for dessert!!!!

The nutrients in our food is the basis of good health, slow aging, and energy to help us keep up with this busy world. I am thinking more and more not just about eating, but about eating foods that are nourishing to me, and not depleting to my body and to my family as well. (OK I have no control over the husband) I am setting an example for my family and friends, of desire to live healthy and free of chronic disease, with enough energy to be creative and productive in my life. Are you?


Permission to Mother said...

Great post, you have food on the brain, too??

Tam said...

Yes, yes, yes! Hooray for you! You are teaching your kids great things! Not only about what foods are good to eat but where they come from too! It's all so amazing a miracle really!

Red said...

We too are on the road to better health. I have said it before and will say it agian here. We are not a cold turkey tupe of family.

I tackle one section of my kitchen at a time. Once I let that go or master it with homemade recipes, then I move on to the next section of my kitchen(Condiments is what I am working on now)

Love this post.