Sunday, September 21, 2008

What Am I Up To These Days

I have been so busy these days, with the kids going back to school, and back to the grind of activities. It seems that time just never stops and there is never enough of it.

With the family, I volunteer with the PTA at school, I am den leader for Nikolas' cub scout den, Room Mom for Ariana's classroom, chauffeur for Zach for fencing, friends, scouts and more. I will soon be the digger of potatoes, as Zach's Boy Scout Troop sells them for a fundraiser and we dig them ourselves (anyone local want some?). Not to mention the driver to Physical Therapy 3 days a week for Ariana, nurse, cook, maid, teacher, Mom, and all those other things I am called on for during the day. The nice thing is Brian is home every night now, so he is also involved in family dinners, school etc.. for the first time since we got married. For the most part I love every minute!

For me and only me, I am plugging away at my classes and loving every minute of it. My high opinions of food and health are coming out here a lot! Sometimes on other peoples blogs too.

I spent the afternoon today working out in the yard, cutting, weeding and transplanting and preparing the yard for gardening next year. You can see the photo of my last yield of cucumbers above. They were marvelous! I am going to be eating them for a long time. My neighbors are very grateful because they are having their fare share as well.

I am going to be getting the garlic in the ground soon. I hope I am not too late. I also have to harvest my stevia. It's at least 4 ft tall now. Holy cow! I am excited and planning the garden for next year. There will be much more than just a few pots. I cleared a whole bed for herbs next year! yeah..

On a health note, I have been eating so well, it is hard to believe that the food is really healthy! Just tastes so darn good! Lots of raw fruits and veggies, in addition to the foods I have been cooking. My insides are so happy with me they are beaming happy energy!

I have also upped my fitness program. I am SO excited! Here's the just of it:

M-Run and Body Flex class T- Zumba W-run and weights Th-Yoga and Trekking F- Mind Body Mix(yoga, tai chi and pilates) and run maybe some weights S-Run or aerobics S-off or light walking, yoga

Also, I have been adding a short mediation a few days a week. I am hoping to find some time to start swimming??? My YMCA is also going to be adding indoor cycling soon. Where of where will I find the time?? I will have to figure out something once I get the schedule. I have to say that there was a time that I hated and I mean hated exercise! Now I can't and wont live without it! Ever. More than a few days without and I am a nut case!

My house is smelling SO good right now as I am cooking another batch of magic mineral broth I guess that's it for me for now. I have been really enjoying writing, here on my blog and for school. I just love it! So that's it for me now, what are you all up to?


Permission to Mother said...

How is the PHysical Therapy helping?

fitncrafty said...

Therapy is helping some. Her arm is straightening, however turning her wrist is tough and she can't come near touching her shoulder. I am vigilant about trying to get her to do some of the exercises at home. The best I can get her to cooperate. It is making life really hectic as the travel is far and we have activities a few nights a week. It has made healthy dinners a challege, but some how I am making it work.

Red said...

I know form experience, that if you don't work on it, it will freeze up. Lucky for me mine did not.

But physical therapy saved my life, well really my knee

Tam said...

What a great fun inspiring post! It made me want to exersize more that is for sure! Also have you tried Cucumbers and vinegar. MmmMmmm I put sliced cucumbers and some onion in 3 parts water one part vinegar some salt and pepper and/or maybe a little lemon pepper. They will keep in the fridge really well that way and make a great snack!