Saturday, June 14, 2008

Is It Stone Soup?

No, It's Magic Mineral Broth! Almost The same perhaps. You can get the recipe here at One Bite at a Time.

These beautiful organic vegetables were the basis of this magical broth. After searching at three stores I gave up on finding Kombu(a dried sea vegetable) and went on to make the broth without it. After washing and chopping up the veggies which was easy because you do not peel a thing, just toss it in all the pot, even the onions and garlic! I covered the veggies with water and turned on the stove to start boiling. After it started boiling, it was to simmer all day. The house started to smell pretty good, mostly of celery, I must add. As each one of my family members came through the door they asked why does the house smell like celery, what are you cooking? Well I must say that it was very good broth, but honestly all I could think about was how I would really love to have some of my Mom's delicious Matzo Balls floating in there! This broth is full of vitamins and minerals and would definitely be a great thing to make when your whole house is suffering from a cold. I have the last bit in a mug that I am sipping like tea, I am drinking my vitamins!

The experience shopping for the ingredients was also interesting, on store's produce manager sent me off saying, "I don't know what it is and we don't have it", second store I couldn't even get help in. The third produce manager read the recipe(which I brought with me to make sure I had all the ingredients) looked up Kombu, walked all over the store with me trying to find it, and asked me to come back and tell him how the broth came out. Guess where I will go back to next time?

It would be great to cook rice in, saute vegetables, make a base for stir fry and so forth. There was so much that I filled all the jars a friend gave me, and then all the jars and containers I could muster from my own house. Marvelous! I will have this around for a long time. Next time I make it I will use, a bit more salt and more garlic. Otherwise, definitely a great staple to add to the kitchen!

I did try to tell my kids it was stone soup... they didn't believe me that it was until I was ladeling (is that a word?) it into jars. I showed my daughter the allspice berries in the bottom, her eyes got so big and she said, "it is Stone soup." I said, "well actually it's magic mineral broth." "It's kind of the same", and she asked "can we read the book?"


Permission to Mother should be studying said...

I love the photo of all your delicious vegetables.

As you already know, I made it on Thursday. The house smelled great. I had all the fresh ingredients in my house except for the kombu and allspice/or juniper. The grocery store didn't have kombu, but I used the seaweed wrap in the sushi department. Yesterday I was in Nutrition World and they had packaged kombu. It looked about the same as what I did use. I did buy it for next time.

For the allspice I had all the subsitute spices that equal allspice that you sent me on the seperate link. The smell that predominated in my house was the cinnamon and cloves--but overall such a pleasant combination. Like I wrote on Red's blog, the more I stay away from sugar, the more I look foward to unique combinations of herbs.

You told me that your classmates all feel really good when drinking this broth. I did too. I HAVE been eating these kinds of veggies, so I don't know that the difference is that dramatic, after all I had everything in the house! Last weekend I told you I was starting to feel hungry. I kept up my detox but added more variety and I do feel better. I don't feel hungry this weekend. John liked the soup too. I sipped on broth on Friday as a beverage.

We cooked brown rice in the broth Saturday. The rice had a very pleasant taste. Everyone in my house ate their rice.

This morning we still had rice. I scrambled farm fresh eggs (from a patient) and in a different pot sauteed onions and clover sprout. We had a nice breakfast with the rice cooked in the broth. (Did I sneak minerals into my boys?)

I have plenty to freeze! It is nice to have fesh veg. broth. No more boullions for me!

Like you said you did, I cooked it in a pasta pot and lifted it out, but I also strained it with a
wire-y strainer.

I put the boiled veggies into the compost. I thought about if they might be edible, but they looked lifeless after being boiled all day.

Red said...

Ew Ew Ew, I have a pasta pot. I totally forgot about. Thank you Denise...I love you man.

I so want to give this a try now that you two have blabbed on about it. But it will have to wait until I come back from my parents.

I will update you.

Orlando Realtor said...

RIGHT NOW, I SHOULD BE PREPARING MY HOMES AND LAND ADS TO SUBMIT: BUT, O.K., so I went to One Bite at a Time and printed the recipee for the Magic Mineral Broth. I cannot be left out from this apparantly "family" experience.

I will cut the recipee ingredients by half since I am just one person and as you know do not at any time maintain to much room in my freezer to freeze.

With all my years experience in the kitchen and it has been alot, I have never heard of Kombu, but I will go to my farmstand and find out if they have it. If anyone sells it, they will. I will keep you posted.

Orlando Realtor said...

" but honestly all I could think about was how I would really love to have some of my Mom's delicious Matzo Balls floating in there!"

I forgot to mention thanks for the positive plug on my Matzo Balls. I think I will make some when I make my Stone Soup. I hope that little pun will not backfire on me and have them turn out like rocks! If you lived closer, I would make some for you too.

Chrissy D said...

This looks delicious! Cna you come cook for me Carrie? I didn't know you had a blog! I must have my head up in the clouds lately. I will be here often!

mamamia said...

You can probably find Kombu at an Asian market.

I am going to make this recipe this weekend. Thanks for sharing.