Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rockets Red Glare!

Today was rocket launching day. Zachary has been working on this rocket for a least a month. It's a project for school, in an advanced learners class. The rockets were not built from kits. They were built from paper, no cones, formed and shaped by the kids and glued how they wanted it. Here is Zach with his rocket before his launch. Below is Zach at the launch of his rocket. It was just taking off and boy did it take off. It flew so high and fast that I could barely even see it it go. In the photo below you can see the 'stream' of smoke trailing behind the rocket, that's about all you can see. I am no judge of distance, however these home made gems were flying all over the place. In this next photo below Zach is REALLY proud that his rocket was found(after some searching) and was completely in tact! It flew WAY over the field into the adjacent industrial park and he found it between some trucks in the lot! I am sorry to say that the egg that was placed inside the nosecone was cracked and didn't survive the fall. Good news it wasn't a complete mess just cracked. It was amazing to see the creative work of all the kids. The girls, some had some high flying rockets. Others, had bling galore. Sparkles and all. A few of the rockets came apart, smoking all over and others landed in a blaze that we vowed to make sure that this project had fire extinguishers next year. Overall it was a fun time, to celebrate the hard work of the kids, impressive for a bunch of 12 yr olds for sure.


Permission to Mother should be studying said...

What a great project!

Red said...

Boys and explosives...*shudders*