Friday, June 6, 2008

Life at My House!

So these are my kiddos. Zach is 12, Ariana is (almost)8, and Nikolas is 6. As you can see things are never dull at home or anywhere we take the kids. Personality runs rampant here! I took this photo in November to send out holiday cards, it took forever to get one for the actual cards, as I did not send the one above! I bet you can guess why it took forever! We are so busy getting ready for the end of the school year and figuring out what we are going to do in the summer. We are so blessed to have a wonderful park nearby that we can walk to. I am certain that we will spent lots of time there! We also have 4 cats, so sorry I can't imagine getting them all in one photo, that would be beyond exhausting! It's amazing that we have been here for 10 months now. Some days it seems like we have been here forever, and some like we just got here. In a few weeks we have accomplished a whole school year here! It's been a great one too. Zach started middle school this year. He is involved in fencing and archery. What a combination. Sometimes I think he was born in the wrong era, or perhaps an old sole from medieval times maybe so. Ariana is my princess. She knows it, she's 8 going on 80! She is loving school and has become a prize speller. Do I see a spelling be in her future? She has been involved in Brownies this year, it's her 3rd year, however; this was her first with her new troop. She is a social butterfly and seems to always have a party or somewhere to go. She'll try just about anything once. Her smile is contageous. Nikolas, last but certainly not least. He will let himself be known, not matter what. His presence does not go unnoticed! He started Kindergarten this year. His teacher was fabulous and I am sure that he is going to miss her next year. Thank goodness he will still see her around next year. He is reading up a storm! There is no more spelling things out anymore. All the kids can spell. We have to come up with some new tricks and codes! Anyone know any? I feel very blessed to have such energetic children(most days) and equally blessed to have them so busy with eachother when I just need to rest!

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Scrapin' Because I Can! said...

We miss you all very much here in Washington but it is great to see you all doing so well and I am sure we will see you again some day!