Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Crafty and Eco-Friendly

Bye Bye, little plastic bags at the grocery store and farmers markets(yeah it's summer time!), a new guy has moved in to replace you. It's the reusable produce bag! I did something crafty and useful. It's amazing that I did it with a sewing machine and it is actually fairly straight. This crafty little bag was made from tulle and double fold bias tape. I must say that it was a little tough to get the bias tape pinned on at first, but once I got going I just pinned away. The sewing part was actually fairly easy in comparison. I am not to good with patterns(or recipes) I always tend to add my own touch. I had some directions, but they were a bit hard to follow so all I really did was look at the one a friend had made and copied it. The tutorial that she used is no longer online which is too bad, or I would link you all too it. I for one am really happy to rid myself of those little bags, because of the many times the bags have torn and I had to waste another bag just to get my veggies home in one piece. Plus, there is nothing more embarrassing then having your produce rolling all over the place which has happened to me more than once!
I have plans to make several more in various sizes. The one shown here is really big even in my produce world. It will be great for corn on the cob and other large produce. So today, the Earth has something else to smile about and me, I get to take a break and do something relaxing. Plus no little plastic baggies to throw away! Appears to me that everyone wins!


Permission to Mother should be studying said...

That's beautiful... did I say I have a birthday coming up?

fitncrafty said...

It might take me that long to make enough for both of us! I will make it a goal! I hope it holds us! Did I say that I have a birthday first? :)