Monday, June 30, 2008

Carrie's Angels!

I just couldn't help myself, they got into this pose all by themselves! Which one is Farrah? My dear sweet little girl spent her birthday money on these big beasts of water guns. She bought herself and each of her brothers one of these! Needless to say, I am staying inside and admiring my little Marines from the other side of the window! It is really nice to have them outside and running around. Hearing them laugh is very comforting, and it's especially nice that they are not whining that they are bored, Already?! School has only been out a few days, not even a full week and already they are complaining that they are bored! What's a Mom to do? It brought me back to the days when we used to play outside, although, I never wanted to come in, we played a tag/hide-n-seek game called Ringaleveo(not sure if I spelled that right) most summer nights. I always had to go in early and my friends were always sitting on the fence talking to me through the window(sorry Mom) and I always wished I could stay outside just a little longer. Street Hockey, Stick ball, and even Planet of The Apes, we were always busy. Today it seems I have to force and coerce my children to breath in any kind of fresh air, and two of the three would rather read a book than go out and play! What's up with that? They must be chips off the old blocks! I am hopeful that the arsenal will keep them busy and happy for at least a few days! So what are your kids doing for creative fun this summer??


Permission to Mother should be studying said...

I was wondering the same thing: Why do I have to force my boys to go out and play. They even whine about going swimming.

I love your book shelf in your footer!

Orlando Realtor said...

When I saw your title: "Carrie's Angels", I thought that you posted about your kitty cats! Got you back for the going to sleep early comment.....

Just kidding.

Red said...

This photo reminds of a similar one I took two years ago. I am a Trekkie...'Big Time' and I had a bunch of my friends show up at my house in summer of 2006. they came from as far awya as Scotland...I kid you not.

There were three of us who are small framed, me being one of the three. I am a red head, there was a blonde, and a brunette. Can you see where this is going?

We assumed the pose and the photo is a classic. *I still prefer the original Charlie's Angels*