Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Little Horticulturist

Ariana just had her 8Th birthday, she got this Garden Girls set for her birthday from her Uncle, Aunt and Cousins. The set is made with a donation to National Arbor Foundation and you actually grow seeds in the little sections at the bottom. She was very excited to get this going, and has done a great job remembering to spray the water in the little sections, believe it or not, you can actually grow seed(grass and baby bean stalks) in what appears to be cotton batten(probably polyester) amazing! yes?! So here is a close up of the 'garden'. She must take after her Florida Grandma, because all my grass has weeds! She is so proud and asked me when I was going to blog about it! Well here it is my sweetie! Funny coming from the little girl that wouldn't help me plant the cucumber plants because there was worms in the dirt! I wonder if we can grow vegetables in the batten? Then she would help because there wouldn't be any worms and bugs! This is a great start though, I am proud of her for taking such good care of it thus far!


Permission to Mother should be studying said...

A beautiful smile! Looks like a thoughtful gift for Ariana and her mom.

Orlando Realtor said...

So glad you inherited my green thumb...